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A New Subscription Based Device as a Service (DAAS) Offering

Whether it involves PCs, smartphones, tablets or other types of enterprise hardware, companies are increasingly looking to outsource how corporate hardware is bought, managed and retired.


This is because the advancements in technology have led to a rise in costs of IT equipment, which is consequently increasing an organisations capital expenditure.

The Device as a Service (DAAS) offering from Apogee is designed to benefit your organisation by utilising the latest, most secure hardware and software technologies without the need for large-scale traditional capital investment. By combining the hardware, software and device life cycle management into a single, fixed-cost service that enhances the end-user experience and offers predictable annual costs.

Managed IT made simple

The concept of DAAS will enable your business to remove the larger capital expenditure into more manageable monthly payments whilst benefiting from market-leading technology and support services.

The DAAS offering is tailored to your specific business needs and help your business achieve lower total cost of ownership, increase user satisfaction, boost workplace productivity and free up valuable IT time and resources to drive business growth. DAAS is a cost-efficient, responsive service that lets businesses focus on their business, rather than sourcing, managing and deployment of devices. It gives the IT department greater flexibility to maintain an optimally functional IT environment as well as allocate funding to other projects as needed.

Here’s what to know

By outsourcing device procurement and lifecycle management, you have faster access to the latest technology with smaller monthly subscription. With the ability to scale up, adding devices as needed when your workforce grows. More importantly, however, is the ability to scale down.

Shifting device purchases from capital expenditure to operational expenditure, a single contract across devices and services and no upfront investment companies get greater stability and visibility on their IT costs. Journey of a typical DAAS Subscription.


Get started with DAAS today and simplify the way you manage your IT equipment. Read more here or contact us by completing the form below.


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