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Fujikura observed that their telecom maintenance and support costs were increasing. Apogee stepped in to provide a new, cost-effective Telecoms service with improved features.


“I couldn’t be happier with the savings that Apogee has managed to generate for us. Our costs were in danger of starting to get out of hand, but now we have a firm grip.

Not only that, but we now have a better service, more robust support and the ability to make improvements without fearing exorbitant costs.”

– Fujikura Representative

The Background

Fujikura found that its telecom costs, particularly the costs for maintenance and support, were in need of review. Having been with a support company for over 15 years, Fujikura had started to notice increasing equipment support costs.

Fujikura needed to retake control of its telecom system costs, and improve future budget planning capabilities with more transparent supplier pricing.


The Solution

Apogee started, as in most circumstances with a thorough review of the existing paperwork and equipment, finding that the contract in place was not providing best value for line rental, call charges of ongoing support.

Following an analysis of Fujikura’s telecom requirements, it became clear that the prevailing systems had limitations in terms of having the ability to meet Fujikura’s inbound and outbound needs. Apogee submitted a telecoms proposal that would allow future functional upgrades and enhancements.


The Outcome

Having selected Apogee as their telecoms provider, Fujikura is now benefitting from a variety of improvements, with additional services such as call logging and music on hold now available. Crucially, the company is now enjoying considerably lower hardware support costs.

In addition, Fujikura is now paying significantly less for an improved service than it was previously, reassured that costs are now visible and firmly under control.


  • Telephone maintenance and support costs reduced by over 50%
  • 35% cost savings over previous supplier
  • Improved levels of service
  • Lower hardware support costs
  • Additional services such as hold music and call logging
  • Improved cost control


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