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12 January 2023
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12 January 2023

DS & Co

Long established Apogee client, DS & Co, benefits from reliable equipment and favourable pricing.


“We’ve been with Apogee for years now and the reason for that is simple. We get a great deal and they really look after us well. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Apogee.

Apogee is large enough to have the ability to respond quickly whenever we need support, even outside of normal office hours and we enjoy a great relationship with the company..”

– DS & Co Representative

The Background

DS & Co are a long established client and partner of Apogee. Since first meeting this accountancy firm, the company has been constantly evolving into the business it is today. This growth has meant that the document production needs of the company have also increased over time.

Originally, DS & Co needed just a single device to handle all of their print needs. While the company’s volumes have grown over time, its key requirements have remained consistent - speed, efficiency, and reliability.


The Solution

By regularly maintaining an intensive focus on the company's print output over a long period of time, Apogee has been able to consistently recommend suitable equipment that closely matches DS & Co.

Speed of printing was vital to DS & Co and the solution provided by Apogee recognised this and they have worked with the client to support this need.


The Outcome

As a long established client, DS & Co has always benefitted from reliable equipment and favourable pricing. Having originally been supplied with one device, Apogee has been there as the company has grown and ensured that its needs are continually met.

When DS & Co needed an additional printer, the most suitable model was quickly selected. As the company continued to grow and opened a new office, the team had no hesitation in coming to Apogee again for a third device, knowing that their demands would be closely matched.


  • Dedicated account management
  • Reduced printing costs
  • Ability to deal with growing demand for document production
  • Reliable printing
  • Ongoing review of the new solution
  • New and improved printing infrastructure with increased speeds and reliability


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