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Mpirical Limited

Outsourced Document Services relieved pressure on Global Training organisation

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Company Profile
  • Company Name: Mpirical Limited
  • Sector: Education  
  • Solutions Provided: Outsource Document Services 
The Background

A large proportion of Mpirical’s training delivery pre-Covid was in a traditional classroom setting. This set-up included a trainer on-hand at the teaching location accompanied by the use of paper copy training materials which were printed on a standard Ricoh device and shipped out to customers in advance of their training.

The training materials produced in-house consist of around 250 pages per class and were produced, collated and sent to any given location up to five times per week. Mpirical have previously investigated the use of outsource partners in order to produce and send training material but were not 100% happy to task and trust them with their product.

The Solution

Growing demand for Mpirical’s training over recent years has lead to pressure on their team to produce, print, collate and post the paper copy training material needed for the learning process.
Due to this increase in workload and demand for training materials, Mpirical researched into a number of different outsource partners who would be able to take over the print and mailing process on their behalf.

After numerous conversations with Apogee’s Outsource Services team, they were able to visit Mpirical’s HQ to further understand the scale and volumes of the training pack materials that are produced in-house. This included a variety of aspects such as the quality of paper, the grade of card and predicted volumes.

The Outcome

Working collaboratively to achieve the perfect training material, Apogee are now the outsource parter for Mpirical, printing, binding and shipping out all training documents on their behalf.

The training documents can include anything from small name cards provided for each ‘student’, to fully bound bespoke training packs.
The process is easy from start to finish. Mpirical are able to send over an unlocked PDF document which is then thoroughly checked through for any inconsistencies. The print job is then submitted and arrives within 10 days to any given location around the world.

This slick system provided Mpirical with an end to end outsource print partner enabling them to trust Apogee to support and provide excellent service throughout.

“By outsourcing our training material to Apogee it has lifted a weight off our shoulders and relieved huge amounts of pressure on the team. The process was easy from start to finish and we were supported the whole way through”
– Mpirical Limited representative
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