Konica Minolta Toner Supplies Update

Following the recent news of an explosion at one of Konica Minolta’s toner factories in Japan, Apogee has been working with our supplier to provide an update and better understand the impact this will potentially have.

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The risk assessments have now been completed successfully, meaning the production of office toner resumed at the Kofu Factory on October 18th. The planned date for production of toner for on-demand digital printing systems is to resume at the Tatsuno Factory  November 8th. Beyond reopening of production and shipments there is still expected to be a continued significant impact on the supply of toner for an unknown period. Konica Minolta sincerely apologises for the impact this is causing and continue to work tirelessly on many levels to improve this situation as quickly as possible.

We continue to offer support via our Outsourced Document Services where appropriate and suitable, in order for you to manage the usage of your current toner supplies. If you haven’t already requested to be set up for this service please contact us on the email: . We will do everything possible to maintain your current costs, whilst this will exclude substrates and finishing.

Apogee will continue to communicate updates as and when they are available, please also visit our website for updates.

Once again, we would like to sincerely apologise for the concerns and impact this will cause and we will continue to do everything possible to support you through this difficult period. Konica Minolta has made assurances to continue to do everything possible to minimise the impact on all clients and resume production under safe conditions as soon as possible.

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