Keeping Your Data Safe is a Necessity, Whether You are in the Office or Working Remotely

Ensuring your data is safe at all times is vital to both an office environment and a home / remote environment.

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At such a poignant time like now when businesses are encouraging their staff to return to the office, your business continuity plan and the security of your files and documents should be top priority as the transitioning of devices could be a ‘hackers dream’.

The more vigilant you and your team are when it comes to saving and encrypting files the better. Now is the best time to ensure your business continuity plan is tip top to avoid any documents or files being breached, whether you're working remotely or making a return to the office.

Encouraging staff to be more aware of how they are storing and handling sensitive and confidential documents is just as important as ensuring you have the most up to date software and VPN.

This, alongside keeping your usernames and passwords safe is the key to following your organisations business continuity plan.

Ways to ensure your data is safe when working remotely & in the office

Here are some top tips to ensuring you, your employees and your data stay safe:

  • Determine exactly what tools and technology employees need to stay safe: it Is important to use identified VPN’s in order to work remotely and keep all information safe within the software.

  • Provide your team with security advice: avoiding phishing emails, avoid using public WI-FI

  • Where necessary provision security protection on devices: Make sure up-to-date security protection is installed and active on any devices that will be used for work. That means virus checkers, firewalls, device encryption should all be in place. Ensure any operating systems and software is updated and remove any software no longer used

  • Make sure that when you are remote working you haven’t left any documents out in the office: It is key to make sure all printed documents are stored safety and securely before leaving your office environment.

  • Take advantage of technology: It is important you keep the communication going with your colleagues and clients in order to keep your business continuity plan afloat.

  • Ensuring business resilience: Make sure you know your plan for each day that you are remote working. Being able to tick it off the list enables you to see the progress you’ve made.

Our Managed Workplace Solutions are designed with our clients in mind, improving security, maximising productivity and increasing automation.
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