Improve Cost Efficiencies in the Healthcare Industry Through Print Management

With healthcare establishments still printing enormous amounts of documents there is always room for making money saving improvements. With an effective print management solution in place the potential to make these enhancements and savings across multiple departments fundamentally will lead into crucial areas.

Keeping the NHS moving with Managed Workplace Services

Consistently improving cost efficiencies is essential within the healthcare industry as recent reports show that there is a negative relationship between expenditure and medical outcomes. Print management solutions help healthcare leaders take back control of their entire print and document infrastructure to gain full transparency of print usage and costs. Therefore, the reality of this transparency is increased knowledge on non-essential printing habits and inefficient workflows that can be improved through various print management solutions.

Print Management Solutions to improve costs

Having multiple printers can lead to healthcare organisations using an unnecessary amount of paper and ink as well as using additional energy. Consolidating printing devices will remove any unnecessary paper, ink and energy wastage through removing under-used hardware and save the establishment a considerable amount of money. Multi-functional printers have supported this cost-saving effort through featuring print, scan, fax and copying functions in one device.

Certain print management solutions will enable healthcare establishments to become more digitised and reduce paper usage to a minimum, consequently improving cost efficiencies. An example of how this can be achieved is through Cloud Solutions, whereby documents are stored, sent and retrieved electronically. Along with reduced costs from paper and consumables, it will also reduce money spent on storage of patient documents.

To maximise these cost efficiencies gained through printer consolidation and digitisation, print policies can be introduced to further reduce unnecessary document output and have strict control of print jobs. For example, it can be set that documents are only released by authenticated users and printing is only permitted in black and white ink.

If you are part of a healthcare establishment that seeks to improve current cost efficiencies and potentially support the advances in healthcare, please contact Apogee today on 0345 300 9955 or enquire through our online form.

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