The Triathlon of Great Britain
Apogee supports The Rowing Marine
4 July 2022
Deploying Managed IT Services (MITS) within the Education Sector
Deploying Managed IT Services (MITS) within the Education Sector
14 July 2022

Apogee strives for health & safety excellence with ISO 45001 certification

Following rigorous audits by independent body Alcumus, Apogee has demonstrated its commitment to meeting the highest standards of occupational health & safety.


In order to incorporate a more active role from top management, ISO-45001:2018 has replaced the previous international standard for Occupational Health & Safety Management System, OHSAS 18001.

An ISO 45001 certification is a worthwhile endeavour for any business to invest time into. As well as reducing the risk of work-related injuries and illness, it has also been observed to improve employee morale, attendance, and efficiency – and even has the potential to save you money in the long-term.  Furthermore, this accreditation gives potential clients, employees, and investors the confidence that safety is at the heart of each of your business operations - signalling your status as an ethical employer.

For more information on how you can attain an ISO-45001, you can find Alcumus’ website here.

This accreditation applies to each of Apogee’s 16 locations; including Maidstone, Lincoln, Basingstoke, Warrington; and London – as well as Apogee’s Outsourced Document Services facilities.

To comply with the updated accreditation, members of Apogee’s Executive Leadership Team (ELT) were required to demonstrate their direct involvement in occupational health & safety - by establishing clear policies and objectives, and taking overall responsibility without delegation. The central principle of this being done by the ELT is to foster a proactive culture throughout the entire company; encouraging all workers to incorporate health & safety practices into their day-to-day operations.

 “The ISO 45001 certification for Health & Safety is a significant achievement, and will be the foundation for continuous improvements in Health & Safety at Apogee,” says Aurelio Maruggi, CEO. “This also demonstrates our commitment to health, safety, and wellbeing for all Apogee people and our customers, and uniquely sets us apart from our competition.”

Apogee’s ISO 45001 accreditation will last for three years before needing to be renewed, with annual surveillance being conducted by Alcumus to keep up with Apogee’s progress and ensure continuity.


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