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4 Ways your Business Can Save Money on Postage Costs with AutoMail

With inflation continuing to rise, is Apogee's AutoMail the answer for businesses needing to reduce their postage costs?

With UK inflation still increasing, businesses are urgently needing more efficient, cost-effective solutions to help manage every facet of their budget. To alleviate pressure from these rising costs, Apogee have introduced AutoMail for businesses.

As of 4th of April, the price of a First-Class stamp rose by 10p to 95p, and a Second-Class Stamp by 2p to 68p. As for large letter stamps, First Class increased by 16p to £1.45, whilst a Second Class went up by 9p to £1.05

These changes were followed by a statement from Royal Mail, saying that it “understood how hard it was for many companies in the current economic environment, and so have considered price changes very carefully”.

For most organisations, the need to send business mail like statements, invoices, or service reminders is still a daily requirement, which now costs more than ever. 

So, how can you beat the system and keep more money in your business? And could a Managed Workplace Services (MWS) Provider that offers Outsourced Document Services (ODS) be the answer?

What are the 4 ways your business can save money on postage costs when sending business mail?

1. Clean out your mailing addresses

If you realise that your mailing isn’t yielding the results you expected, it could be time to clean up your mailing addresses. Ensure that your mail is sent only to those who are interested in receiving your information. Is there a particular location where your campaign isn't doing well? Have organisations told you whether they are interested in your company? To save money on postage, keep your mailing list up to date.

2. Consolidate your mail

Make an attempt to use the same managed service provider (MSP) for all of your business mailing as you start to construct them. Frequency and familiarity with a single service provider may aid in the development of the most efficient approach for your company. Furthermore, being a loyal client to your provider may entitle you to exclusive offers and discounts.

3. Avoid expedited shipment

Plan out your shipping and mailing plan carefully to avoid having to pay extra for overnight or expedited delivery. Once this is done, stick to your schedule to avoid getting yourself into a pickle.

4. Consider an Outsourced Document Services (ODS) Provider

If you’re splurging cash on printers, paper, envelopes, and franking machines; you might want to enlist the expertise of a managed workplace service (MWS), which can offer an Outsourced Document Service that includes hybrid mail solutions. 

Through Apogee’s outsourced document solutions, the managed services provider offers a hybrid mail solution aptly named, AutoMail.

The software solution allows businesses to send mail direct from their device to their recipient’s door with just a click of a button. A business creates their mail as usual in Microsoft Word or Excel, selects their preferred mailing option – first or second class – and then Apogee takes care of the rest in their secure mailing facility (which is accredited to ISO 27001 and fully compliant with GDPR requirements).

By using AutoMail, businesses can gain access to postal discount rates that significantly reduce the cost of mailing – even if only sending a low volume of mail. 

Learn more about Apogee’s Outsourced Document Services.

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