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Apogee sponsors ‘Shaun in the Heart of Kent’
2 August 2023
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18 August 2023

EVENT REWIND: Apogee’s ‘Accelerate Your Innovation’ Guest Experience

Check out a first-hand account of Apogee’s Accelerate Your Innovation event, which took place at Mercedes-Benz World.


From the size of the building to the cars on display, it’s hard to not be impressed with Mercedes-Benz World.

In fact, a driving experience on Mercedes’ test track was what made Apogee’s Accelerate Your Innovation event stand out from other industry events… and though I wasn’t due to go on the track till the end of the day; it certainly gave me something exciting to look forward to!

The first session was The Future of Work with HP, which raised points about how hybrid working has changed the ways people work. I must say, recently I’d been questioning how effective hybrid working really was for my business, so it was great to get insight into areas I hadn’t considered, because it made me realise having a hybrid workforce really is a two-way street. I want to promote collaboration between my people, and that means making sure they have the tools they need as individuals – rather than just tarring everyone with the same brush!

AYI Future of the Workplace Jordi Patros

Work Smarter and Safer in a Sustainable World was next, showing stats that built on the last session as well as taking real-time polls from the audience. Just hearing that hybrid working was a common area of difficulty for other companies was a huge comfort… and Managed Workplace Services seem to have potential to solve a lot of issues, so I’m eager to learn more about them.

The next presentation was A Session with an Ethical Hacker, which was particularly eye-opening, not least for the demonstration of how a hacker could infiltrate a company in 30 minutes… turns out that a lot of it starts by using information on your LinkedIn profile! I also actually hadn’t considered that home Smart Devices could pose a threat to our cybersecurity, so this session has been a lifesaver!

I really appreciated the final session, Building a Blueprint to Keep Your Workplace Secure, just for how candidly the speaker shared the story of losing his previous business to a cyberattack. Hearing how quickly things can deteriorate really put things into perspective, and listening to what the speaker had learned as a result of the attack has given me food for thought when it comes to my own business. 

AYI ethical hacker session mercedes Glenn Wilkinson

 Finally it was time for the driving experience, which was every bit as exhilarating as I’d hoped. There’s nothing quite like putting your foot down on a strip as long as a football field, or doing continuous doughnuts on a closed circuit, or driving around a track like an F1 driver… it’s just extraordinary!

I would highly recommend Accelerate Your Innovation, and eagerly await the inevitable Lap 3 Event… and not just because of the driving! From the insight I received today, I feel ahead of the curve for the first time in a long time; and I can’t wait to see how my business will look the same time next year!

Mercedes Benz world driving track

Quotes from other guests:

“It was an excellent event, well-organised at a fabulous venue. Driving aside, clearly a highlight, the day was engaging and informative.”

“The event planning, format, and co-ordination cannot be faulted – my customers were not sold to and were able to enjoy the day and learn more about Apogee as a business. The individual sessions were great and nice balance of informative, yet interactive.”

“It was an excellent event, really well put together. It was great to meet so many of you and get more of a feel for who and what Apogee are!”

“I found the event very interesting, very well-organised and transitions between sections felt seamless.”

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