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12 December 2022
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12 December 2022

Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust

Apogee’s high quality service offering has contributed to a 40% reduction of the Trust's service calls within the first three months following install.


The Background

SaTH wanted to put an effective print strategy in place and realised that they could achieve significant benefits through a managed print service provider. Apogee provided the opportunity for SaTH to increase its print efficiency and costs, helping the Trust to strengthen its position in terms of facing various challenges including caring for an increasing volume of patients and achieving cost improvements.


The Solution

Apogee have worked with SaTH for nine years, providing numerous devices and rationalising equipment management through recent programmes and projects. Within our experiences we deliver on and off-site service support, local customer (contract) management; have implemented varying levels of management tools and print software control.

Throughout this period we have openly shared experiences and built our expertise to understand better the pressures facing SaTH to deliver high levels of care for an increasing volume of patients, while keeping budgets static. We are also aware and continually consider areas such as increasing cost, deficit, cost improvement plans, and targets that must be met.


The Outcome

Apogee’s solution of rationalising the print fleet has reduced the fleet from 780 devices down to 540. This method of consolidation has enhanced print efficiency by maintaining the required print levels despite using fewer devices.

Likewise, efficiency has been boosted further with our auto toner management, whereby toner is delivered automatically when needed to ensure maximum productivity and uptime.

What’s more, Apogee’s high quality service offering has contributed to a 40% reduction of service calls within the first three months following install. Through our pro-active management, we ensure any potential print-related issues are often resolved before they have been encountered by the Trust’s employees.

Together, Apogee’s strategy of delivering maximised efficiency and uptime via consolidation of the print fleet and service excellence has significantly reduced the Trust’s costs by 32%. Implementing an effective print management strategy has been vital in helping the Trust face today’s cost targets and challenges.


  • Costs reduced by 32%.
  • Print fleet reduced from 780 to 540 devices.
  • Uptime and efficiency enhanced with auto toner management.
  • Service calls reduced by 40%.
  • A satisfied user base and solution for all.


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