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Rochdale Association Football Club

Innovative OneSource web to print portal keeps club connected with fans

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Company Profile
  • Company Name: Rochdale Association Football Club
  • Sector: Hospitality 
  • Solutions Provided: Outsource Document Services 
The Background

The club experienced difficulties conveying information to their supporters when they were forced to temporarily close due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This meant they were not able to stay in touch with their fan base and continue their well known ‘Dale Lotto’ which takes place every week and had become a huge success for the club and provided a vital income.

Due to their lottery system and marketing efforts involving an employee of the club visiting individual fans on a door to door basis selling lotto tickets for prizes, it became impossible to deliver this service because of the lockdown and social distancing measures,
meaning the club lost this source of revenue.

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The Solution

Apogee proposed a OneSource web to print portal that allowed
Rochdale AFC to centrally manage all their marketing collateral
and campaigns. The portal enabled them to upload, ‘Dale Lotto’
tickets and info which was automatically printed and distributed
via Apogee’s outsource print facilities, based on the data provided.

Apogee then used software to autofill and locate the addresses of
each lottery member and season ticket holder, further automating
the process. This was a key aspect of the solution which enabled
Rochdale AFC to successfully print 3500 letters, leaflets and
envelopes, finish, package and deliver directly to fans in under one

The Outcome

Led by Apogee’s expert teams, the club were able to re-connect with their loyal fans through the OneSource web to print portal solution and keep up the consistency of their previous hardcopy marketing campaigns. As well as this, the introduction of the OneSource solution provided an avenue of income whilst the physical club remains closed.

This element of expertise was put to great use during the Covid-19
pandemic. Beyond the infamous ‘Dale Lotto’, the club have been able to send other flyers and key information to fans automatically through the portal without any physical contact. This provided the club with substantial cost savings, reduced wastage and saved time compared to manually delivering the documents.

This level of innovation has encouraged RAFC to continue their journey of digital transformation with Apogee, as well as developing their business continuity plan.

“After enjoying a successful MPS partnership with Apogee in recent years, their innovation enabled us to carry on working remotely and enhanced our business continuity plan. Their outsource print services allowed us to stay connected with our loyal fans – thank you!”
– Rochdale Association Football Club representative
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