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J. Murphy & Sons Limited

All print and document processes consolidated to a single supplier through Managed Print Service

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Company Profile
  • Company Name: J. Murphy & Sons Limited 
  • Sector: Manufacturing & Construction 
  • Solutions Provided: Managed Print Service 
The Background

Murphy were experiencing problems as a result of having various contacts and suppliers for their print and document infrastructure, such as difficulties in managing the fleet and a lack of organisation.

Murphy wanted to combine and streamline their requirements to one supplier and one agreement, and therefore required a company which could provide a solution for Murphy’s entire print infrastructure with the scalability to deliver to all 102 locations across the UK.

The Solution

Apogee demonstrated their ability to deliver devices to all locations and consolidate Murphy’s print infrastructure to a single location. This included the delivery and installation of 348 multifunctional devices (MFDs) and 22 plotters to 102 locations and 5 main sites across the UK.

Along with these devices, Apogee provided the most suitable software tailored to Murphy’s needs. This included document management for auditing, allocation, and cost recovery and remote monitoring software, which manages the output of the devices and real-time status updates, providing Murphy with accurate device usage reporting for cost transparency. As part of the SLA Apogee also collected and relocated Murphy’s existing devices.

The Outcome

With Apogee as their single supplier, Murphy receives enhanced service levels and can contact Apogee whenever an issue occurs, rather than having to find out which device belongs to which supplier before contacting them.

In addition to new standardised MFDs, Apogee has installed best-of-breed software to further drive cost efficiencies and enhance security. The document management and remote monitoring software allows Murphy to easily and accurately allocate costs to specific individuals and departments within the business to provide greater visibility, along with a number of other features.

Apogee strives to provide Murphy with continuous improvement through innovative solutions to enhance our service offering and maximise Murphy’s print and document performance. For example, Apogee plan to deploy web portals at Murphy’s key offices which will allow all required services to be logged at the touch of a button. This will maximise uptime and efficiency by simplifying common processes such as the ordering of toners.

“Apogee’s size and scalability ensured devices could be delivered on time to all 102 locations. Crucially, Murphy have been able to centralise its entire print and document processes and infrastructure to a single supplier – Apogee”.
– J. Murphy & Sons Limited representative
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