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Kall Kwik
11 January 2023
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11 January 2023

Investment Bank

Apogee’s 24/7 Outsource Print facilities are able to print, finish and deliver Investment Bank's services irrespective of time or location.


“We’ve been nothing but impressed with the service we have received from Simon & the team at Apogee. 

We’ve never been let down by them and we have full confidence that they will deliver excellent quality presentations on time to our clients. Their team are professional and we always feel like we are a priority customer. 

Nothing is ever too much trouble.”

– Investment Bank Representative

The Background

Prior to the pandemic, the organisation typically hosted 200+ financial road shows per year as well as many ad hoc events within the charity and training realm. Many of these road shows and events require accompanying documents to facilitate the road show programme, allowing copies for analyst meetings, key shareholders and fund managers within the industry.

Each document pack typically consists of up to 100 copies per event, with up to 50 pages on average. Each and every pack needs to be vetted for any inconsistencies or errors before being art-worked, printed, collated and distributed to a number of locations around the globe. Due to the nature of their business, all documents are of the up-most confidentiality as a result of the information contained in the packs not yet released to the financial marketplace.


The Solution

The client was keen to find a reliable, cost competitive, trustworthy and knowledgeable Outsourced Print partner who would go above and beyond in meeting their needs in the co-creation, production, printing, binding and secure distribution of the confidential event packs.

After several conversations, the corporation were eager to transition from their previous supplier over to Apogee. In this move, Apogee were able to demonstrate their market-leading approach to Outsourced Print by supplying a number of key benefits, including 24/7 accessibility and secure document handling, which enabled Apogee to transform the print environment for this investment bank.

The solution introduced true 24/7 Outsourced Print operations, allowing the client to have total peace of mind when submitting jobs to print, no matter the time. It also introduced a certain creative flair, as Apogee were given the reins to co-create and design the packs. Apogee ran with this initiative and incorporated small format digital printing into the new solution.

Additionally an in-house tracked delivery service is used for all print jobs no matter the scale, volume or time-frame. The service delivers jobs personally, so both Apogee and the client can be assured of a slick end-to-end service.


The Outcome

Due to the pandemic, many of the road shows and events transitioned to online, which created a new demand for content packs to be shipped to many locations around the world.

Apogee continue to support the client for all of their Outsourced Printing needs as well supporting the wider organisation with their print and document requirements. Due to Apogee’s 24/7 ODS facilities that are run in London, they are able to print, finish, and deliver services with a quick turnaround.

The trusted relationship that has been built up over the past 3.5 years has its foundations formed on trust, reliability, knowledge, and confidence, leaving the client assured that no matter the time or project, Apogee will go above and beyond to deliver.


  • On-demand Outsourced Print service
  • Trusted partner with a competitive edge
  • In-house tracked delivery service around the clock
  • Specialist print consultancy delivered throughout
  • Injected a creative flair into event branding


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