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9 December 2022
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Fisco UK – An Affinity+ Partnership

As a result of an Affinity+ Partnership, Fisco UK’s Facilities Management offering now includes Apogee’s Managed Workplace Services (MWS).

  • Seamless integration into current offerings
  • Additional revenue stream from referral scheme, without investing any capital
  • Customers gain access to Apogee’s industry-leading service excellence
  • Ability to utilise a 200+ strong engineering team
  • Sales enablement through dual-branded materials and technical support
  • 28% improvement for clients on uptime of machinery compared to previous supplier

“The technology side of the HP/Apogee solution is the most attractive for us, because it takes Fisco out of the loop when it comes to the servicing element, and enables the customer to increase their uptime with regards to their IT solutions without any physical footfall throughout the estate.

When Apogee are delivering a solution for us, they’re predominantly at the forefront.”

– John Edmonds, Account Director at Fisco UK

The Client

Fisco UK is a Facilities Management business with clients in various industries; including manufacturing, professional services, warehousing, logistics, and many more. Fisco UK work with their clients to strategically lower costs, improve satisfaction, and monitor and control all of their provided services.


The Challenge

Fisco UK were seeking to include Managed IT Services (MITS) and Managed Print Services (MPS) into their offering to their extensive client base. After experiencing difficulties with their existing print solutions providers – ranging from poor management to lack of cost transparency - Fisco UK were on the lookout for a provider who could offer the best service with the most competitive price; with a solution that could be automated as much as possible.

Apogee’s customer-centric services made an Affinity+ Partnership a highly attractive prospect for Fisco UK. For instance, while most postage or franking solutions do not offer much cost transparency, Apogee’s ODS service, AutoMail, puts fixed prices in place so that customers have full clarity on their spending.

Fisco UK had an established relationship with Apogee prior to the partnership, following a series of meetings that were intended to inform Fisco UK of Apogee’s expanded service. This expansion came as a result of Apogee’s acquisition via HP Inc. in 2018, which allowed it to develop its Managed Print Services (MPS) and Outsourced Document Services (ODS), as well as expand into Managed IT Services (MITS).


The Solution

Having a reputation for delivering the highest quality products and services to its customers, Fisco UK were looking for best-of-breed technology, reliability, trustworthiness, and a team that shared their ethos. They felt that Apogee’s ‘Service Excellence’ made it an ideal candidate for partnership – and the engagement with Apogee’s Affinity+ Partnership programme proved to be the solution to many of Fisco UK’s challenges.

Now, Fisco UK clients in need of Managed Print Services (MPS), Managed IT Services (MITS), and Outsourced Document Services (ODS) are referred directly to Apogee – and in exchange for allowing them access to their client base, Fisco UK benefits from a percentage of revenue from any successful deal made as a referral fee.

Through training, Apogee also equip Fisco UK’s internal salespeople with an understanding of its business; enabling them to identify opportunities within their customer base.

As a further result of the Affinity+ Partnership, Fisco UK now benefit from additional buying power, resources, and excellence in service delivery – in addition to Apogee’s industry-leading support. Coupled with the technology platforms they provide, Apogee’s ‘Service Excellence’ has proven to be a boon to both Fisco UK and its customers: reducing asset downtime and increasing efficiencies across the board.

In order to ensure that ‘Service Excellence’ is maintained consistently for Fisco UK clients, Apogee have a dedicated support team who handle accounts on their behalf. This ensures that full attention can be given when queries come in from Fisco UK accounts – resulting in an effective and dynamic support service, without requiring any involvement from Fisco UK.

onsite remote delivery installation 2


The Outcome

The transition into offering Managed Workplace Services (MWS) through Apogee’s Affinity+ Partnership Programme has proven to be a great success for Fisco UK.  While they benefit from the HP technology and sales assistance provided by Apogee, it is their ‘Service Excellence’ in the maintenance of client hardware that has proven to be the standout service.

John Edmonds of Fisco UK shared that in a routine customer KPI report in June, a recent MPS client with 45 multifunctional devices (MFDs) reported four remote calls to Apogee – with each one resolved remotely within four hours, giving the fleet an uptime of 98%.

This was a major improvement over Fisco UK’s previous Managed Workplace Service (MWS) suppliers – in which remote diagnostics and resolution were not always achievable; with an average uptime of 70%.

Ultimately, Fisco UK attribute the success of the transition to Apogee’s choice to implement a support team dedicated to only servicing Fisco UK clients – which, by eliminating unnecessary touch points; allows them to react quickly, effectively, and as efficiently as possible.



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