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12 January 2023
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12 January 2023

BMI Healthcare

Apogee improved efficiency for BMI Healthcare, worked around the needs of staff and patients, and a print audit lead to a tailor print made solution.


"The greatest achievement from this project was not only the solution Apogee deployed but the project team’s complete understanding of the delicate environment that they were working within.

The way the team respected patient confidentiality has to be applauded and was strengthened by their complete professionalism throughout."

– BMI Healthcare Representative

The Background

With over 60 hospitals and treatment centres across the country, BMI had a disjointed print infrastructure, and needed to take control of the management of its print fleet. BMi were looking for a bespoke solution, tailored to address the organisation’s specific requirements, based on the results of a detailed document assessment. Their new supplier needed to be able to handle all aspects of the project from communications to installation.


The Solution

A team of specialist auditors were assigned across the BMI estate to capture details of all legacy details. During each site visit the audit team were tasked with allocating bespoke new devices based upon working environment, staff locations, process and ultimately adhering to the project objectives agreed between BMI and Apogee.

A dedicated project management team were on-hand throughout the project lifecycle. Following initial support from BMI’s corporate team, Apogee were asked to be the focal point of all project tasks from communications, deployment, management at site, and addressing end user concerns.

It was clear from the outset that the user base within BMI had a set way of working with printers. In the majority of cases, users would have a printer within arm’s length of their desk/work station. The biggest challenge Apogee faced was changing the way users thought about printing and remove their dependency around having printers so close to their working position.


The Outcome

Attention was placed on implementing a solution that provided greater functionality around printing, while simultaneously introducing them to new ways of working that improved processes and reduced the need for so many print devices.

On-site training sessions were supported by unique training booklets that not only incorporated the Managed Print Service solution, but also merged existing BMI IT processes to ensure the solution was well received by BMI staff.


  • Lower print costs: toner costs, paper saving benefits
  • Total visibility of printing across the business
  • Improved efficiency
  • Tailor-made training programme for all staff
  • Apogee’s installation team worked around the needs of hospitals’ staff and patients
  • A print audit lead to a tailor made solution


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