Our Corporate Responsibility

Our Sustainability Vision

The vision of Environmental Sustainability in Apogee is to create a net positive impact on the environment and for stakeholders within our value chain, whilst providing leadership on sustainability for the managed print services industry in Europe. We realise that to achieve our vision, we need a strong commitment from everyone; reliable and accurate data to point us in the right direction; adopt appropriate technology and embrace an all-inclusive culture on our journey.

Sustainability Report Parallax Wind Energy

Corporate Responsibility Report

With an ever-growing importance on sustainable living and working, our journey is only just beginning. Our latest Corporate Responsibility Report, demonstrates our work throughout the previous year, and how we achieved reducing our negative social and environmental impact on our world.

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By embedding Corporate Responsibility in everything that we do, we will ensure that our Operations, Supply Chain and Services for our Customers adhere to consistent standards and objectives.
– Aurelio Maruggi, CEO of Apogee