Quick Tips to Tighten your Print Security

Preventing company and customer data falling into the wrong hands is a top priority for many organisations within the financial and investment sector.

Apogee provides Managed IT Services to keep your organisation connected with the latest secure devices

Whatever the company size, each one has a responsibility to securely handle this data. Within these sectors they handle high volumes of sensitive and confidential information which is of great value and with an increase in online services, they are more susceptible to cyber attacks than ever.

Whilst companies are investing in network security, device security risks are often overlooked. A secure print and document management solution is the best way to reduce the risk and prevent cyber attacks, viruses and data leaks. Implementing a secure solution will also keep your IT compliant and enable you to be able to monitor and collect data by device and user.

Don’t face fines because your IT processes are insecure. Instead, try a multi-layered approach to protecting data transferred through your print processes.

Tighten document and network security within your business

  • Encrypt all data stored on devices

  • Two factor authentication ie. Hard-to-guess passwords or pin cards

  • User authorisation for confidential or sensitive information

  • Regular usage reports

  • Install PaperCut printing

  • Have a device end-of-life plan

Don’t overlook the role your printers play in your network security

  • Don't share your password with anybody

  • Don't keep passwords in unsecure places

  • Don't ignore user behaviour

  • Don't adjust settings without confirmation

  • Don't keep multiple versions of the same document

Want to know how you can apply the do's and don’ts to your organisation? Contact somebody at Apogee about Apogee Secure on 0345 300 9955.

Our Managed Workplace Solutions are designed with our clients in mind, improving security, maximising productivity and increasing automation.
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