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12 June 2020
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Document Management and Scanning Solutions for Home and Office Workers
17 June 2020

Providing the Right Technology for Your Office, Home and Hybrid Workers

As organisations begin transitioning their employees back to work, providing the right technology for office and home workers is a key factor. We can provide the right technology for any home or office environment ranging from smaller printers to more demanding high performance desktop MFDs, which include ‘touchless printing’ and our usual Managed Print Service.

Home Workers

For remote workers, the key objective is to OPTIMISE their remote productivity by ensuring their ability to print is not impacted by sub-standard equipment designed for domestic use, and is not suitable for business use. We can provide business technology for any home environment which includes a full Managed Print Service of remote support, servicing and toner.

Office Workers

More desktop MFDs spread around your office minimises employee movement and pinch points, and each can be shared by a small group of users. All performance desk MFDs and printers come with our ‘Touchless Printing’ technology to further enhance your covid compliance, and can be added into an existing fleet, SENSITISING the reopening of your office.

Hybrid Workers

The key objective for Hybrid workers who split their time between office and home is to provide a STANDARDISED working environment irrespective of where they are each day. We have performance desk MFDs that provide a consistent experience at both home and the office that can satisfy the needs of these more demanding hybrid workers as a full Managed Print Service.

All solutions are available in one simple monthly price which includes remote support, servicing and consumables or can be combined into your existing fleet of devices.


Why not speak to one of our consultants today and discover how your organisation can benefit from providing your employees with the right technology, whether that be in the office, at home, or anywhere in-between. Contact us below or call 0345 300 9955.


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