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Providing the Right Technology for Your Office, Home and Hybrid Workers
12 June 2020
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Aurelio Maruggi Appointed as Chief Executive Officer at Apogee Corporation
18 June 2020

Document Management and Scanning Solutions for Home and Office Workers

The transition to home working was rapid and unplanned. Office workers grabbed what they could as they left the office and made use of whatever technology they had at home. But as many organisations delay or decide against a return to the office, these workers are staying at home whilst many of the documents they need are back in the office...

Accessing key documents through collaboration technology is critical for home workers

Throughout lockdown we have discovered staff can work effectively at home, but they can only collaborate if they have the right technology. Many key paper documents they need remain in the offices and need to be digitised. Staff then need a secure way to access these digital documents easily, and a more efficient alternative to email to share and collaborate with colleagues.

Apogee’s Digital Document Services has secure production sites where your key paper documents can be scanned and digitised including:


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Scanned images can be OCR processed into readable text, and digital files classified through coding and indexing into load files for easy retrieval once in the document management system.

Secure access and collaboration with Apogee’s cloud-based solution

Apogee’s secure cloud-based document management solution can provide users with access to all their information whether they are in the office, at home, or on the move:

  • Cloud-based central repository allows users to access documents and collaborate wherever they are

  • Information is kept safe, secure and confidential with access controls and permissions that can be defined for individual users or user groups

  • Advanced functionality and version control ensures users easily access the most up-to-date version of a document

  • Anti-tamper measures verify the authenticity of documents each time they are retrieved

  • Automatic backup storage ensures resilience and business continuity

With an effective document management system, users can share documents and collaborate as teams, maximising their productivity despite not being in the same room.

Why not discover more about Apogee's Document Management and Scanning Solutions today by speaking to one of our consultative experts. Contact us below or call us on 0345 300 9955


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