Hotels - stand out from the crowd with print and document technology

Whether travelling for business or leisure, guests expect to be provided with everything they would typically have at home. Printing can be an essential element of travelling, with guests needing to print anything from theme park tickets to presentation notes, for example.

Hotels – Stand Out From The Crowd With Print And Document Technology

One way for hotels to stand out from the crowd, then, is through Mobile Print technology. Mobile Print enables guests to print from their smartphone and tablet via email, wireless connection or network. Not only does this improve guest experience by providing instant access to relevant information, printing in this way also makes it easy for the hotel management to track print volumes and allocate departmental costs accordingly.

Giving guests access to your hotel’s Cloud also enables them to quickly and easily retrieve the documents they need, making for a more streamlined experience. In chain hotels, where sites can often be geographically diverse, employee access to the cloud can also be extremely beneficial; workers can send documents between sites instantly, even using the office network to hold and print documents once they are in situ.

As the hospitality sector often handles guests’ private information, the security of this data is paramount. It can be easy to underestimate the importance of security in relation to print, but any device that connects to a hotel’s network is vulnerable to hackers and malware. Therefore features such as password protection and restricted access settings are vital to secure guests’ data and prevent unauthorised access to sensitive information.

Getting the right technological infrastructure in place has the capacity to make a real difference to guest experience, staff efficiency and cost savings alike and help hotels to stand out from the crowd within a highly competitive industry. Click here to find out more about our innovative print and document solutions.

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