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How Document Management Enables You to Manage Content Digitally

When organisations made the rapid response to get their employees working remotely practically overnight, it was vital that staff had access to all the documents that were stored in the office when working remotely. For some, this was a long and difficult process making the transition from paper based and office stored documents to accessing work digitally.


A document management system is a system used to receive, track, manage and store documents whilst reducing and minimising paper based documents which are stored in the workplace.

Today, the internet and the cloud has made it possible to access information from coffee shops, airports or anywhere in the world that users may find themselves. However, access to documents remains a barrier to many remote workers and travellers who rely on people in the office to retrieve files from file cabinets and fax or email those documents.

These inefficient processes result in people chasing paper and sending and waiting for emails instead of enhancing productivity and generating revenue. Many companies today have employees that work exclusively from an office at home and also a growing number of ‘hybrid’ workers who share their time between remote working and the office. These employees need to be able to efficiently and securely access and work with their usual documents and critical information.

The new working environment that we now find ourselves in means organisations must digitally adapt and in turn, allow employees to work efficiently through using an effective Document Management system.

Remote working has become part of many organisations core strategy in 2020 and given the many benefits realised, is likely to remain so being equipped for this working environment is critical for all operations.

Whether you love or hate working from home, your basic requirements to continue working remain similar: you need to communicate with colleagues and co-workers, you need to be able to access data, etc. But perhaps the most critical need of all is document management capabilities.

While you’re working from home, how will your employees share, manage, and print documents? You may have to adapt to a new environment of online sharing. That’s where a fully remote document management system can help you immensely.


What are the main benefits of Document Management when working remotely?

Securely access critical information

Security is a major concern for companies when transitioning employees to remote working. The implementation of a Document Management system can eliminate the need for employees to store work related documents at home where anybody could see them. Storing and managing documents online in a centralised hub takes away that concern for employers and at the same time allows employees to collaborate together.

Easy access to and storage of documents

In order to establish a successful remote working environment, employees need to have access to the data and documents required to perform their role. An effective Document Management system will enable access through a centralised online hub / portal where employees are able to connect and collaborate through documents.

Enhanced Collaboration

With an effective Document Management system in place, sharing and collaborating becomes much easier between co-workers. As well as being able to have several employees collaborating and working on the same document at once, a Document Management system allows for work to be accessed in real-time from any location, therefore creating that flexible workplace that has now become the ‘new norm’.


The implementation of an effective document management system can significantly help your transition to a hybrid model of working. To understand the true benefits to your business and its employees, get in touch with one of our consultants today.


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