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Effective print strategy delivers 34% cost savings alongside enhanced security, visibility and governance

Company Profile
  • Company Name: Culina
  • Sector: Logistics
  • Solutions Provided: Managed Print Services
The Background

Culina Group was using an unconsolidated fleet of devices across their business units, which had led to high costs and difficulties in managing the fleet. The company recognised there was room for improvement with regards to their print strategy by streamlining procurement and introducing up-to-date hardware and technology which could deliver several benefits. 

The Solution

After completing a thorough print and document assessment to understand the Group’s print infrastructure and processes, Apogee used their independence to select the most suitable hardware from a diverse portfolio consisting of various brands and manufacturers. A solution was deployed, which involved the supply and installation of 219 devices at various locations including Head Office.

Apogee introduced print management software, designed to monitor, measure and manage network wide document output. The software, split across multiple servers for resiliency, also ensures security on print output and provides full visibility on print and copy activity by user, department, device or cost centre.

The Outcome

Apogee successfully transferred Culina to an integrated and reliable infrastructure consisting of 219 new print devices. Standardisation has ensured the fleet is easier and cheaper to manage, for example toners can now be bought in bulk through a single platform as opposed to buying from various suppliers.

Significantly, Apogee has so far produced 34% cost savings on Culina’s current spend, achieved by bringing complete transparency to the way Culina uses documents, and taking time to analyse day-to-day operations and identifying overspending. The solution of streamlining Culina’s fleet with the implementation of new devices and software has minimised spend and wastage.

Additionally, print management software has provided enhanced security through user authentication and print release, as well as increased visibility across all networked devices, helping to strengthen governance and control.

“Apogee has so far produced 34% cost savings on Culina’s current spend, achieved by bringing complete transparency to the way Culina uses documents”
– Culina representative
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