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What is a Managed Print Services (MPS)?

Managed Print Services (MPS), also referred to as Managed Print Solutions, are, by definition, a service that covers all elements of an organisation's printing, both internally and externally focused. The objective of a Managed Print Service is to optimise or manage a company's document output in its simplest terms. The comprehensive aim of utilising a Managed Print Service (MPS) is to deploy a centralised approach that eliminates unnecessary administration.

By utilising a Managed Print Service (MPS), businesses can save time and money through improved productivity whilst drastically reducing their paper wastage, leading to a more sustainability-focused print ecosystem. Further to this, through the deployment of a centralised provider for an organisation's Managed Print, alongside the savings gained from a Managed Print Provider, both in monetary terms and time, the added overarching security measures provided through Apogee remove the burden upon a company's internal IT department.

While Gartner and its industry-leading "Magic Quadrant" claim in their definition of a Managed Print Service that the "main components provided are needs assessment, selective or general replacement of hardware, and the service, parts and supplies needed to operate the new or existing hardware". From its thirty years of experience in the Managed Print sector, Apogee knows that Managed Print Services (MPS) should vary from organisation to organisation, depending on their particular needs.

Digital transformation is at the forefront of all Apogee's solutions across our service sectors. Apogee has a unique, customisable solution for your organisation, from the explosion within Cloud Printing technology to our industry-leading ARMA (Apogee Remote Management Application) product.

Why does your business need a Managed Print Service Provider?

Whether Public Sector or Private Sector, a University or a Technology Start-Up, from a Small Medium Enterprise (SME) to a Multinational Corporation (MNC), every business still employs print within their organisation. To ask, “Why does your business need a Managed Print Service Provider?” at Apogee, we can provide countless reasons your business should choose to engage with a Managed Print Service. Each reason carries a range of benefits, varying from reducing the pressure on your organisation's internal IT team to implementing new technologies and Multi-Functional Devices (MFDs) whilst improving security, GDPR compliance and sustainability goals.

The answer, however, in its simplicity, is cost. Most Managed Print Providers spout research that utilising a Managed Print Service will offer savings of 30% on your organisation's current print costs. While this is a considerable saving for any business, it is not the whole picture. At Apogee, across our modular, customisable structure of Managed Print Services (MPS), it is not just the initial savings from a leasing solution that can save a business money but the implementation of the full range of our unique offerings. Whether through Document Management, Production Print, or Scan and Document Workflows, Apogee delivers our Managed Print Services (MPS) through a modular approach, custom-built from the ground up for your organisation's particular needs and requirements.

By utilising Apogee's unique modular system, organisations, regardless of sector or objective, can find the most beneficial solution at a price point that they can afford, with a transparent cost structure, that they know will be with them for the duration of their contract. Apogee's precise cost structure comes wrapped up in Apogee's "Service Excellence" approach, with devices maintained on a 92% first-time fix rate.

Why choose Apogee as your Managed Print Services (MPS) provider?

Apogee is Europe's largest multi-brand provider of Managed Print Services (MPS), with over thirty years of experience in the Managed Print sector. We believe in Digital Transformation and that all businesses, regardless of industry, can benefit from a centralised and organisationally efficient Managed Print Service. Through our thirty years in the sector, we have evolved with the technology and advancements across Managed Print solutions, whether through the development of new Multi-function Devices (MFDs) or the advent and adoption of Cloud Print technologies, to the evolution and adjustment to Hybrid working.

Apogee covers all aspects of a company's printing, including printers, scanners, copiers, Multi-functional Devices (MFDs), Document Management and Scanning and Document Workflow solutions. Apogee's

Managed Print Services (MPS) by design and implementation are there to save time and money by analysing a business's print requirements and providing more visibility and control of their print environment. Apogee can leverage prior investments in multi-functional devices while continually monitoring usage so that the optimised infrastructure continues to meet current business needs.

Apogee manages everything from toner supply and replacement, servicing the equipment, meter readings, and consolidated billing, with comprehensive management reporting and the collection and recycling of the device at the end of its life cycle.