Creating a Sustainable Future

Our Sustainability Vision

The vision of Environmental Sustainability in Apogee is to create a net positive impact on the environment and for stakeholders within our value chain, whilst providing leadership on sustainability for the managed print services industry in Europe. We realise that to achieve our vision, we need a strong commitment from everyone; reliable and accurate data to point us in the right direction; adopt appropriate technology and embrace an all-inclusive culture on our journey.

Creating a sustainable future with Apogee's Managed Workplace Services
Creating a sustainable future matters to us, we are passionate about making a difference


Integrating environmental sustainability into every aspect of our business strategy.

  • Maintain strong compliance to environmental laws and regulation

  • Promote broader ownership of environmental sustainability through engagement and training

  • Collaborate with customers and suppliers for mutual benefit

  • Exploit existing and new technologies

  • Anticipate and respond to emerging environmental issues

Read Our 2020 Sustainability Report
Apogee's print releaf approach to creating a sustainable future

Targets and Performance

We have surpassed most of our targeted objectives between F:19 and F:20.

Our FY20 Sustainability targets show our core growth areas
Print Releaf is a sustainability programme about creating a sustainable future

Print Releaf

PrintReleaf is the world’s first platform that automatically converts your paper footprint into actual trees. As you print, you actively replant trees in forests that need it most around the world.

We are committed to continually finding ways to support a more sustainable planet and are pleased to offer our clients an automated sustainability program focussed on reforestation through PrintReleaf. As our world changes, new challenges are being faced and Apogee is extremely proud of being a contributor to the PrintReleaf reforesting initiative.

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The ACE Line

Whether you're a start-up or an established company seeking new ways to fulfil your ESG goals, The ACE Line (Apogee's Circular Economy) is ideal for your needs - providing you with refurbished devices for a reduced price.

Rather than being incorrectly disposed of in a landfill - where e-waste is one of the leading sources of hazardous chemical waste - engaging with The ACE Line means that perfectly functional devices are kept within circulation.

Representing a low-risk, low-cost Managed Print solution, devices within the ACE Line still function as efficiently as any brand-new counterpart; and since they are exclusively sourced from our existing clients, our support team is armed with a full service history for each machine.

Your ESG goals are aided further with the inclusion of reforestation software PrintReleaf (see above), which is included in the total price and comes pre-installed with every device within the ACE Line.

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Sustainability is a paramount part of apogee and how we work with our clients

Our Progress

In 2020 we established the Improvement Board which is made of senior managers, directors, department heads and frontline employees to promote ownership and engagement with environmental sustainability in the business.

We also delivered a couple of behavioural awareness campaigns to promote good environmental stewardship with employees. An environmental sustainability training module was launched in 2020 and will be rolled out from 2021.


We will continue to improve upon the benchmarks established in 2020:

Our FY20 key targets to achieve through our sustainability report

Read Our Latest Sustainability Report

We wish to be transparent about our contribution to a more equal, greener future. Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. Our sustainability report contains comprehensive information about our company and how we seek to reduce our negative social and environmental impact. The sustainability report is our communication to all stakeholders on our progress in all our key areas of focus in sustainability:

Corporate Responsibility Report 2021
Office Trees Light Dark to show sustainability approach
We will ensure our service and commitment to sustainability is never compromised, and rather take it as an opportunity to drive greater initiatives throughout our business as we embrace any changes throughout the journey.
– Aurelio Maruggi, CEO of Apogee
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