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How the Client Portal will help

The Client Portal gives all registered users online access to their machines and full visibility over device information. This is extremely efficient, especially for users in large offices or those that work across multiple locations, as it saves time and energy having to physically locate or walk to each device.

If a device has a fault or requires consumables/toner to be ordered and replaced, this can be achieved online using the portal. All calls logged or consumables ordered will be shown on the Apogee internal system, with all details entered into the Client Portal.

Users will be able to view recent history of completed engineer visits and toner orders, with the ability to update or amend their internal references. If a device is moved, users can also update the location of the device.

All of these features make the Client Portal an invaluable tool and one that should be used to maximise the customer experience at Apogee. For any information or questions you may have on the Client Portal, please get in touch by completing the form on this page.