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We understand that one of the most demanding phases of an IT rollout is the logistical challenge to physically set up new users. Amplified by the Hybrid and remote working environments adopted by so many organisations, rollout and installation has recently taken on a whole new challenge. By saving you of the headache of rollout by having it handled by our expert team, minimal disruption is guaranteed throughout the deployment.

Onsite & Remote Delivery & Installation - IT Engineers in data centre

Benefits of an IT Rollout With Apogee

  • Frees up your IT workload & time

  • Reduces your deployment efforts/costs

  • Maximises your user uptime

  • Minimal disruption guaranteed

  • Delivery and set up for remote users

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Onsite & Remote Delivery & Installation - Woman at desk with HP computer and printer
Efficient delivery & set up options ensuring a smooth implementation every time

Delivery and installation are often extremely time-consuming tasks, which can be eliminated entirely as part of a Managed IT Service with direct delivery to end-users, full unpacking, installation, and even introductory demonstrations covered as part of the service - enabling you to get the most from your new devices.

Onsite and remote delivery and installation services take away the hassle of IT rollout, as resource deployment can often book out IT teams for weeks. This can be a stumbling block to upgrading technology in your organisation - but with a Managed IT Service, the logistical headache is eliminated and taken care of, freeing up your IT teams to focus on more strategic tasks; giving you more time to be pro-active rather than reactive.

Security is a key concern in any IT rollout, and real-time tracking allows you to keep an eye on your delivery en-route. Plus, we’ll provide you with a time-stamped audit trail and proof of delivery. Every order shipped requires a signature for delivery.

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Onsite & Remote Delivery & Installation - Woman signing for a delivery

Sustainable and secure delivery options

You can rest assured that your order will reach its destination promptly and securely. We deliver direct to customers throughout the UK and overseas, offering next day delivery subject to stock and tailored delivery options to meet your exact needs.

Our Desktop Services ensure vital IT equipment is delivered, installed and pre-configured precisely to your specifications. A one-stop resource designed to save you time and money, as well as being environmentally friendly. We cover hardware, software, and network connections; unpacking and installing at your site(s); and if required an introductory demonstration to the user/s.

At the commencement of the project, a team would be formed to work with your IT Service department to agree on a managed balanced deployment strategy to ensure an end-to-end desktop service with minimum disruption to the end-users and the client as a whole.

We understand the difficulty in implementing large projects within organisations and the small windows of opportunity that normally exist. Considerable technical and logistical resources are available in-house to meet the needs of any project. Your Delivery 2 Desk plan is tailored to meet your exact needs.

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Case Study - The Sedbury Trust

In a world where time is more precious than ever, Apogee were able to provide a bespoke solution to address The Sedbury Trust's current IT pain points. The Sedbury Trust have gained countless hours of productivity by outsourcing the imaging and deployment of all their devices to a number of children in their care.


The Sedbury Trust

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