Greenhouse Gas Reduction in Apogee Corporation

Apogee has set ambitious targets to eliminate all direct GHG emissions by 2025; and indirect GHG emissions by 2030, based on 2019 GHG emissions.

Parallax Emissions

The main greenhouse gases (GHGs) that Apogee generates from its direct business operations are carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide. These are from fleet fuel (mainly diesel and petrol), and from buildings energy such as natural gas, electricity, and heating oil (red diesel). GHGs from fleet fuel accounts for about 83% of total emissions, whilst GHGs from buildings fuel accounts for 17%.

Apogee has set ambitious targets to eliminate all direct GHG emissions (scope 1 and scope 2) by 2025; and indirect GHG emissions (scope 3) by 2030, based on 2019 GHG emissions. This is also in line with the Net-Zero strategy of the business; hence, the business is in the process of aligning its GHG targets with the Science Based Targets Initiative.

Meanwhile, various initiatives have been introduced to reduce the GHG emissions of the business. Some of them are as follows:

Fleet transformation

Inefficient vehicles have been removed from the company fleet and replaced with more efficient vehicles, including electric and hybrid vehicles. The business is on course to replace about 30% of its fleet with electric vehicles or hybrid vehicles in 2022.

Property rationalisation

The business has removed all legacy assets from its property portfolio, and restructured the operational regions to operate from fewer offices with improved facilities. This has resulted in a reduction in energy use and GHG emissions, and the elimination of the use of natural gas for heating in any office.

Home and hybrid working

Following on from lessons learned from the pandemic, the business has introduced a number of flexible working plans which have reduced business travel, fleet fuel, and the associated GHG emissions quite significantly.

Behavioural change campaigns

A number of behavioural change programmes such as the ‘Apogee Switch Off’ and ‘War on Waste’ campaign are programmes tailored to encourage positive attitude to energy use and waste management. The business has partnered with the ‘Driving for Better Business’ government initiative to deliver safe and efficient driving to all employees of the business. The business is seeing a gradual reduction in fleet fuel every month due to good driving practices.

Carbon-insetting through PrintReleaf

Apogee has implemented a carbon-insetting programme through PrintReleaf (a reforestation programme offered to Apogee clients, which plants trees in managed forests around the world for prints made). More than 3000 new trees have been planted so far.

Parallax Emissions

Summary of energy used and GHG emissions emitted


Energy and Carbon Summary




Total energy use covering electricity, gas and transport

6,219,842 kWh

5,337,486 kWh

14% decrease in total energy use

Total emissions generated through combustion of gas

31.19 tCO2e

0.00 tCO2e

100% decrease in emissions from gas

Total emissions generated through combustion on heating oil

92.83 tCO2e

63.50 tCO2e

32% decrease in emissions from heating oil

Total emissions generated through use of purchased electricity

0.00 tCO2e

0.00 tCO2e

100% of grid electricity used is from renewable sources

Total emissions generated through use of fleet fuel

1,068.52 tCo2e

1,038.64 tCO2e

3% decrease in fleet emissions

Total gross emissions

1,192.54 tCO2e

1,102.14 tCO2e

8% decrease in total emissions

Total square foot

179,063 Sq. ft.

149,225 Sq. ft.

17% decrease in floor space used

Number of vehicles in fleet


About 270

About 38% decrease in business vehicles

Number of locations



No change

Intensity ratio (total gross emissions)

0.00666 tCO2e per Sq. ft.

0.00738 tCO2e per Sq. ft.

11% increase


As this data demonstrates, Apogee are on the right track - but it's apparent that, like countless other businesses, it still has a long journey ahead. For more information on Apogee's plans to reduce its carbon footprint, please refer to our Corporate Responsibility Report for 2021.

Ato Nimoh-Brema
Head of Sustainability & Business Assurance

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