Protect Education Budgets With Effective Print Control
Protect Education Budgets With Effective Print Control
28 September 2020
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A Guide to Cloud Print
28 September 2020

Enabling Your Mobile Workforce

Changes in legislation in the UK means that all employees now have the right to request flexible working options from their employer. This move away from a nine to five culture has been a driving force for employees needing to collaborate just as they would in the office and a contributing factor to smart devices becoming standard across organisations.


Mobile work trends also break down global barriers and mean that companies can benefit from a worldwide talent pool, by recruiting specialist and technical workers without being constrained by location.

There are clear benefits for both the employee and organisation, but for any workforce mobilisation strategy to be effective, it must be underpinned by an effective document infrastructure, and the ability to seamlessly work with established business processes.

Regardless of where they are and the device they are using, employees need to be empowered with a consistent print experience and the ability to access and use documents, as they typically can if they are sitting at a dedicated desk in the office.

The extent to which organisations are embracing enterprise mobility, with a particular focus on print and document management processes, is becoming increasing apparent. Companies are largely embracing technologies that enable mobile workers to fully participate in the workplace. Many offer cloud-based email and office applications, allowing all employees to access and use the same tools.

However, it is clear the majority of UK organisations are not currently meeting the printing needs of mobile workers. Print infrastructures are typically void of document processes and workflows for mobile workers and few have ‘follow me’ print applications, which enable print jobs to be held in a central queue to be printed on demand when the employee is in the vicinity of the printer.

Enabling your mobile workforce should be a philosophy that aligns with other corporate objectives, increasing workplace efficiency and collaboration through the use of technology. If your organisation isn’t taking advantage of mobile technologies, or lacks the print infrastructure to facilitate flexible working options, then contact us today.


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