Digitise Your Inbound Mail as Part of Your Business Continuity Plan

Communication is key in business, and keeping your physical lines of communication flowing cannot be forgotten if your staff are working remotely.

Hybrid Mail Services are designed to keep your mail costs down and improve your employee productivity

Digitising your inbound mail upon entry into your organisation is the solution. By redirecting your inbound mail to one of Apogee’s outsource facilities, we have the ability to scan and digitise your physical postal mail via our document management workflow, keeping you up to date with all critical communications.

Hybrid Mail Services are designed to keep your mail costs down and improve your employee productivity

By digitising mail ‘at the letterbox’ our Digital Mail Room solutions can prevent the influx of paper into your organisation and start you on your journey to a more streamlined digital approach to document management.

As well as minimising the amount of paper in your organisation, digitising incoming mail allows staff to receive their post anywhere and at any time, whilst delivering the ultimate cost savings and efficiency to your organisation. Digitising your business’ mail system allows for significant benefits such as improving speed in which the recipient receives their mail, ensuring the correct person receives their mail into their inbox and reducing errors as much as physically possible whilst delivering the upmost data protection and security to your organisation.

Digitising Your Inbound Mail with Apogee

Digitising inbound mail is a scalable, accurate and secure solution which integrates seamlessly into your business and leaves you with the peace of mind that your business processes are both future proof and reliable.

We have the scale and flexibility to deliver all of your Digital Inbound Mail needs whilst your workforce is operating remotely.

Our Managed Workplace Solutions are designed with our clients in mind, improving security, maximising productivity and increasing automation.
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