Can the Education Sector Cope with the Digital Age?

By modernising and adapting, the UK’s education sector can help children and students to develop the skills they will need as part of a modern workforce.

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Thankfully, new technology is constantly emerging and creating opportunities for teachers to use new hardware and software to captivate students.

Integrating technology in education is vital to ensure students stay engaged. In today’s society, most students have been exposed to mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones from a young age. Technology provides the opportunity to transform students’ learning experience, empowering them to become more creative and more connected.

Whilst this is an exciting time for the education sector, it is also a challenging one – due to financial limitations, education institutions often delay investing in new technologies and are governed by budgets. The high costs of non-managed print environments are often a strong contributing factor to existing budgetary constraints and restrict important decisions being made on optimising hardware and software. Change can be difficult to implement, especially if legacy print technology is well ingrained into stakeholder and staff practices.

Apogee has been helping schools, colleges and universities streamline their educational printing services and save thousands on print costs for many years. We work with education establishments to provide the most up to date and interactive printing and document management experiences for students; whatever the ambition, outlook or budget.

Streamlining printing services can help the education sector to save costs and overcome financial challenges. In doing so, schools and universities can invest in the latest technology and deliver better learning opportunities and experiences for students.

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