Apogee joins the HP Planet Partners Programme

We at Apogee are continuing with our drive to find new ways to support a more sustainable planet.

The HP Planet Partners Programme

With this commitment at the forefront of our thinking, we have pledged our support and joined forces with HP’s Planet Partners Programme (PPP). The initiative aligns with Apogee’s objective to become more sustainable and introduce ‘greener’ ways of working and it’s a key part of our Environmental Management System, certified to ISO14001.

The HP Planet Partners Programme will allow those Apogee’s clients with HP Original and Samsung cartridges the opportunity to return empty cartridges to be fully recycled. This programme covers the entire lifecycle of the printer cartridges with closed loop recycling that goes on to produce new cartridges from the recycled plastic. The programme adds huge sustainable benefits to Apogee and our clients and most importantly, to our planet as together it ensures billions of toners are recycled every year.

The return process is straightforward and makes sure our clients can return cartridges conveniently and free of charge.

Recycling your used cartridges – is free, easy and safeguards that no Original HP cartridge returned via the PPP ends up in a landfill.

The recycling process…

The toner recycling process to improve your sustainability credentials

The HP Planet Partners Programme recycles collected HP cartridges to recover raw materials or energy. All Original HP and Samsung cartridges returned to HP through Planet Partners go through a multi-phase recycling process where they are reduced to raw materials that can then be used to make new metal and plastic products. These include new HP cartridges, auto parts, roof tiles, microchip processing trays and parts of some other HP products. Alternatively, they are recovered for energy.

The HP Planet Partners Programme
"Remember, it is ONLY HP Original & Samsung toner cartridges that can be accepted as part of the programme."

Click here to learn more about Apogee’s sustainability programmes and how we are helping lead the way in making MPS as environmentally friendly as possible.  Why not find out how to start recycling your HP Original or Samsung cartridges.

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