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How PrintReleaf contributes to your Corporate Social Responsibility goals

Incorporating PrintReleaf into your Managed Print Service is an excellent step toward achieving your Corporate Social Responsibility goals.


Though moving to virtual seems to suit many modern businesses, print still has a significant part to play for many others. But with sustainability at the forefront of public concern, how can these businesses work to justify their paper usage?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to business practices that positively affect wider society; but in ways that are transparent to stakeholders. (This is distinct to ESG, which refers to a set of criteria used by investors to examine potential prospects). The purpose of the transparency that comes with CSR is that, while businesses are self-regulating their operations to be more sustainable, stakeholders are necessarily equipped with the information to hold them accountable to their claims.

To that end, Apogee facilitate our Managed Print Services (MPS) clients’ ability to reforest trees through PrintReleaf – an excellent tool for exacting visible and positive environmental change. As ‘the world’s first automated platform for global reforestation’, PrintReleaf replants trees to offset the pages printed by its users at a rate of 37.16kg of paper per tree. At time of writing, the platform has reforested in excess of 4800 trees per day around the world, with more than 30 billion pages offset by over 3.6 million trees. 


However, what really makes PrintReleaf ideal for Corporate Social Responsibility goals is that users can be completely assured of their positive environmental impact – and the reason for this is twofold:

Firstly, PrintReleaf trees are planted by leading forestry experts; meaning that only indigenous trees are planted in certain areas, so as to not disrupt the local ecosystem.

Secondly, these reforested trees are subject to continual third-party audits to verify their 100% survivability rate by SGS International, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification company.

This level of legitimacy not only gives PrintReleaf users the guarantee that their pages are being reforested responsibly – but also the knowledge that this positive environmental impact will be sustained for years to come.

All of Apogee’s Managed Print Service (MPS) clients have the option to enrol in PrintReleaf; with the program allowing users to select a global region impacted by deforestation. For the purposes of increased transparency, Apogee’s Remote Monitoring Application (ARMA) gives clients access to a live portal and dashboard that tracks their reforestation contribution - which can also be connected to your social network channels.

 “PrintReleaf is highly popular among our client base,” says Mark Smyth, Chief Operating Officer. “So far, Apogee customers have converted more than 41 million pages into over 4900 trees.”

“A lot of companies are conscious of their environmental footprint, and are looking for offsetting programs that can visibly enact lasting beneficial change. PrintReleaf have the research, the backing, and the willingness to be transparent that enables them to provide just that”.

As a Cloud-based platform, PrintReleaf couldn’t be easier to integrate into your business operations – and if it looks like print will continue to be a part of your business operations for the foreseeable future, it’s definitely worth looking into PrintReleaf today!


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