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The Benefits of Leasing Technology for the Education Sector
27 May 2022
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Apogee’s Sales Transformation Journey Continues as 130 members join the Institute of Sales Professionals (ISP)
13 June 2022

Apogee Accelerates Sales Transformation with ISP Partnership

Apogee Corporation, a subsidiary of HP Inc., has announced its partnership with the Institute of Sales Professionals (ISP).


MAIDSTONE, UK, 06/10 –

Apogee continues its sales transformation journey with the recent partnership with the Institute of Sales Professionals (ISP). With an aim to foster greater trust and peace of mind for its clients, Apogee’s sales team are cultivating their ethical selling knowledge by enrolling in ISP’s programme of continuous professional development.

ISP is a certified, not-for-profit government body that recognises the approaches, behaviours, and skillsets that salespeople should utilise to consistently deliver results both optimally, and above all, ethically.

Apogee help businesses to operate efficiently, securely and flexibly with the provision of tailored technical solutions delivered as a Managed Workplace Service (MWS). And, when growth opportunities present themselves, to scale those solutions effectively.

The Managed Workplace Service (MWS) provider will see 130 sales professionals align themselves to the ethos of the ISP by passing a sales ethics exam, and committing to their central code of conduct. Salespeople who complete the exam are added to the ISP’s public register of competent, ethical sales professionals; and must retake it every two years in order to remain listed.

As the gold standard for professional selling, the ISP register provides listed sales professionals with a demonstration of trustworthiness, that they are able to share with clients and employers – showcasing their commitment to conducting the highest standards of ethical business.

“Our driving force is always the needs of our customers, and our new partnership with the ISP is focused on building an even better customer experience,’ says Carl Day, Chief Sales Officer. “The ISP gives us a development framework, and we are confident that this investment in our people - developing their skills, knowledge, and ethical selling - will strengthen our customer relationships.”
“Trust is key,” Carl continues. “We want to provide the best service we can, and we look forward to extending our relationship with the ISP with continuous professional development for all our sales colleagues.”
Once 75% of Apogee’s sales team have successfully passed the ISP’s exam with 85% or over, Apogee will be eligible for the prestigious Investor in Sales Award.

Patrick Joiner, Managing Director of the ISP, said: “We are delighted to welcome Apogee as corporate members of the ISP and look forward to working with them to develop their expertise in sales and sales management.”
“Sales teams who are supported with a programme of continuous professional development in ethical selling are more motivated, productive, and engaged. In turn, this builds customer loyalty, because clients know they are working with trusted business advisers.
“Expert salespeople who keep their skills up to date have a competitive advantage in the marketplace and feel valued and appreciated by their own organisations, paying back the trust and confidence that has been placed in them. It’s a virtuous circle, and it’s great for business success.”


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