Cloud Print Solutions

What is Cloud Print?

Cloud Print allows you to print documents wherever you are - securely and efficiently. It provides a means for storing confidential data securely, whilst remaining accessible from any device whatever your location.

Integrating Apogee’s latest Cloud Print solutions will help eliminate all your current print infrastructure pains by handling your print in one highly secure Cloud Print Service. Revolutionise the way you print in your organisation by using only one globally accessible pull print queue and deploy one full-featured single driver.

Digitise your processes & revolutionise the way you print.

The recent rise in remote working has enhanced the growing demand for collaboration technology. The need for Cloud Printing Solutions has considerably grown for organisations over the past few months whilst employees have transitioned between office-based and remote working. An Apogee Cloud Print solution enables you to send and receive documents directly from your PC, Mac or smartphone straight to a printer of your choice.

How Apogee Cloud Print can transform your business

  • Align all your print queues into one central location
  • Significant cost savings on IT and fleet of devices
  • Improve user accessibility and experience
  • Automatically make any print job available in the correct and optimised format
  • Provide a Simple, Secure and Scalable print set-up
  • Minimise risk of data loss as all backed-up on the Cloud

Other Services

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