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Chelsea & Westminster Hospital

Apogee works with Chelsea & Westminster Hospital to deliver a cost-efficient and modern operation within their print infrastructure and digital systems.


The Background

Following a previous merger, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital was left with multiple contracts and legacy print devices that were failing regularly and were unsuitable with their new ERP system, Cerner.

The hospital required a cost-efficient and modern operation within their print infrastructure and digital systems. The solution needed to encompass secure printing, alongside a program of future digital developments.

Following a six-month selection process, Apogee was selected as the sole managed print provider for the trust.


The Solution

After Apogee audited over 1,000 assets across the trust’s 11 locations, a ‘printing less for less’ solution was implemented. The solution includes a mix of multi-function devices, printers, and the print management software, PaperCut.

PaperCut ensures the security of every print, copy, and scan job. To add an extra layer of security, documents are held on a secure sever until users authenticate to release the jobs.

To align the trust’s digital agenda, all the new HP devices were networked, giving users greater access to scanning and document capture facilities.

Apogee also worked alongside the trust to create and implement new print policies. To future proof these policies, a future state design was agreed to meet the requirements of each area across the organisation. Some of the policies are user-to-device ratios for clinical and non-clinical areas, colour devices default to black and white, and double-sided print and copy is as standard.

Due to the scale of each site, coupled with the required service level agreements, Apogee provided a full-time on-site engineer at each hospital site.


The Outcome

The adoption of a new Managed Print solution with better pricing enabled the Academy to place a managed device in all classrooms. Standardising the fleet ensures that print processes are aligned, eliminating waste, reducing costs and lessening the overall carbon footprint. Also, as all devices are managed, it encourages responsible behaviour and makes all departments accountable for their print usage which further supports the reduction of personal carbon footprints.

With the Print Management solution installed, the Academy benefits from a fully secure and traceable print function across the entire Academy. The one-click detailed reporting process allows Academy staff to create ad-hoc reports by applying filter conditions, and send reports through email to specified people on a regular schedule. Full transparency and control is achieved, so it is clear how much it costs to produce each page of printing, copying and scanning.


  • 4 hours service agreement - less down time
  • Reduced paper/toner waste
  • Reduced running costs – less time staff servicing
  • Savings on toners and consumables
  • Accounting tasks made simple through only having one invoice
  • Tracking print usage and reporting to staff
  • Secure devices
  • High-quality, durable prints
  • Standardised fleet


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