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Scan & Document Workflows

Digitise your office environment by optimising document scanning processes to create highly efficient, cost effective and auditable workflows. Automatically recognise and classify documents and capture important data by turning a paper document into an electronic version at the touch of a button. Eliminating labour intensive tasks will improve employee productivity, enabling them to get on with the tasks that matter to them, instead of filing documentation.

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Benefits to Document Workflows

  • Track and control your document movement

  • Increased workplace efficiency and productivity by eliminating time consuming tasks

  • One Touch invoice processing

  • User authentication for data compliance

  • Integration with 3rd Party Apps

  • Address gaps in security with audit trails

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Why Scan and Document Workflows matter to your organisation

It is increasingly important for businesses to be data compliant; therefore, security concerns around hard copy documents must be addressed. This is especially important for organisations that rely on paper documents. For compliance, scanned documents are beneficial; however, if a business is going paperless, scanning can be time consuming and filing documents can reduce employee productivity. Additionally, going paperless can be costly and a time commitment. 

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Integrated automated workflows for any workplace

We take the time to understand your organisation and tailor solutions that work for you. By integrating scan and document workflows into your organisation, secure paperless processes are put in place to eradicate errors, speed up processing time and tighten security. No two organisations are the same, and our bespoke solutions mirror that. To ensure documents are used efficiently, we would seek to understand key business processes to maximise employee productivity and operational efficiency.

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Apogee supports the Logistics Sector to reduce print costs and improve operational efficiency

Case Study - Culina

Cost savings of 34% were delivered to Culina through an Effective print and document strategy.  

Culina were able to benefit from more cost effective fleet management and the implementation of print management software which enhanced security, visibility and governance within the organisation, giving far greater control.

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