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Transform Your Business with Hybrid Mail


Organisations will always need to send large amounts of letters through the post. The costs associated with doing this in-house can be prohibitive and the process inefficient, so it makes for an ideal area for a company to look at when it comes to streamlining and optimising business processes.

Hybrid mail allows organisations to outsource those letters that are required to be posted in any quantity and whether it’s on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, providing great flexibility and freeing up staff and printing resources.

Here’s a look at some of the main benefits of your organisation adopting a Hybrid Mail solution:

  • Save time: With your mail printed, packed and posted for you, this saves time for more important things.

  • Save money: Economies of scale reduces the average price of printing, packing and posting mail, saving you up to 60% on your office print and mailing costs.

  • No installation: You can send documents through Hybrid Mail in minutes – all that’s required is a username, password and an internet connection.

  • Branches: If you have several branches or locations, Hybrid Mail allows certain departments to have access to specific documents and templates, ensuring there is complete control over what is sent out and by whom.

  • Mailed same day: There’s no need to panic about forgetting to send mail out on time – with Hybrid Mail, documents uploaded by 4pm on a working day are printed and mailed the same day.

  • Environment: Hybrid Mail reduces office waste, unnecessary trips to suppliers and the post office to deliver mail, and the running of printers and other machines.

Hybrid mail is the 21st century mailing solution designed to take care of those ad hoc letters – whether it is an accountancy business, a dental practice or an organisation that sends most information electronically but still has residual letters and bills to send out.

Hybrid mail is a cost effective alternative to printing in-house, while saving vast amounts of time and gaining peace of mind from a robust communication process. To learn more about how Hybrid Mail can transform your business please get in touch today.


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