New & Improved Client Portal - Enhancing our Service Delivery

Apogee’s Client Portal has been designed to provide clients with a user-friendly platform in which they are able to view and track all their key account information including serial number(s), device location and other important details such as consumable levels.

The Client Portal provides organisations with the ability to log service and toner requests to keep their business moving

If a device were to incur a fault or requires consumables/toner to be ordered and replaced, this can be achieved online using the free portal working in conjunction with Apogee’s Remote Management Application (ARMA) which enables the machine to log all live device updates.

All calls logged or consumables ordered will be shown on the Apogee internal system, with all details entered into the Client Portal so users have full visibility over the process and status of their device, order, faults and callouts.

Client portal graphic. Efficient and user friendly device management tool. Instant updates on device status and all service calls. Integrated with ARMA for automated toner deliveries. FREE to register and easy to use.

With the rapid increase in demand for staff to work remotely over the Covid-19 pandemic period, Apogee were able to enhance the existing functionality of the Client Portal so users are able to be as self-sufficient as possible whilst not in physical reach of their devices.

What are the new enhanced features?

  • Brand new Admin feature

  • Replacement of the 3rd Party built Portal with our own in-house solution whilst still keeping much of the existing functionality the same to ensure consistency during the transition

  • Enables clients to personalise own portal to company branding

  • Easy remote access

By implementing the above new features it allows us to provide a great platform to build on and enables us to further enhance the Client Portal going forward.

Within this, our IT Development team will be exploring the ability to:

  • View/Add meter reads

  • View Client Portal training videos

  • Implementation of ‘Decision Support Tool’ which enables the ‘self-serve’ function

  • Introduction of Front-end Key Metrics

All of these features, both existing and new make the Client Portal an invaluable tool and one that should be used to maximise the customer experience at Apogee. With many people still working remotely we are seeing an increase in demand for our Client Portal, which alongside ARMA (Apogee’s Remote Management Application) enables users to track and report on device usage, automate consumable replacements, log service requests and get updates on your account.

All clients have to do to sign up to the FREE Client Portal is to make sure their devices are connected to a live network and signed up to Apogee’s Remote Management Application in order to have full visibility over their fleet.

To discover more about how Apogee’s FREE Client Portal can benefit your organisation whilst you are not in physical reach of your fleet, get in touch with one of our consultants here or call us today on 0345 300 9955.

Register for our Client Portal here

Our Managed Workplace Solutions are designed with our clients in mind, improving security, maximising productivity and increasing automation.
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