Leading Digital Distributor Reduces Print Costs by 30% with Apogee

BGL Group 3

The legacy unmanaged print environment at BGL Group comprised of a mixed fleet of printers and copiers, stock piling of consumables, unpredictable and variable costs for toner usage and service expenditure together with hidden costs associated with staff having to raise consumable orders and manage support calls.

Apogee’s first strategic change to the existing printing fleet standardised device type across the country, with desktop printers phased out in favour of shared multifunction printers with more advanced features and much lower running costs.

‘Follow me printing’ software was then introduced, which provided a roaming print solution where users print to a single queue and jobs will be “pulled” to any printer where users authenticate using a smart card. This secure printing module ensured print jobs did not sit uncollected on the printer, instead; jobs only print when released by the user.

The print policy shift saw the removal of over 200 printers across the BGL Group. This new strategy of rationalisation and standardisation lead to a 30% reduction in document production costs and a sizable shrinkage of the Groups carbon footprint.

Benefits that Apogee’s solution have introduced to BGL Group include:

  • Up to 30% reduced print costs.

  • True measurable and controllable cost base.

  • Standardisation of devices resulted in familiarisation across all UK sites.

  • Consumables ordering online 24/7 and delivered to door.

  • Reduced print and paper wastage

For a full testimonial and to download The BGL Group case study, please click here.

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