Guarantee Your Print Devices are Secure With Our ‘Apogee Secure’ Data Cleansing and Sanitisation Solution

As an employer do you know the location of each of your print devices, when they were last turned on and exactly which data is being stored on them? With new technological developments increasing the amount of confidential data being held on print devices, and the current rise in home and remote workers, there is consequently a brand new risk of data leaks from print devices.

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Whilst many organisations have implemented policies for protecting confidential data stored on their print devices, the risk of information being leaked from those is frequently overlooked.

Print-related data breaches are experienced by 63% of businesses. Sensitive company and client information is becoming increasingly vulnerable to security risks, and it is clear that printers are susceptible to data leaks also.

The average cost of data breaches within organisations has surpassed €4 million per incident, an increase of 29% since 2013 and 5% increase since 2015. (Source: Quocirca) The ripples go further than the initial fines, with the impact on a company’s reputation and loss of competitive advantage being even more costly.
Apogee secure to secure all documents and print technology and improve your print security

In order to combat these risks, Apogee has developed the ‘Apogee Secure’ solution, providing a comprehensive process for removing data from end-of-contract and end of life hardware. The secure data disposal service covers all potential sources of information from devices, giving you confidence your data remains safe and secure, in the workplace or at home.

This safe and secure disposal and sanitisation service gives you peace of mind and assurance that all data that was previously stored on those devices has now been successfully wiped and destroyed.

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Although 'Apogee Secure' has the ability to counteract these risks by putting the correct precautionary measures in place, organisations must proactively act on this security challenge by having a clear set-out document management strategy in place to ensure that the data held on devices is secured and inaccessible by unauthorised individuals.

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