4 Steps to Reduce the Office Space You Need

Apogee 4 Steps To Reduce The Office Space You Need

Digitalise your mailroom

By digitalising mail ‘at the letterbox’, this can prevent the influx of paper into your organisation and start you on your journey to a more streamlined, digital approach to document management.

Incoming mail is scanned, integrated with your business systems and e-mailed directly to the recipient at the start of each day – improving efficiency and lowering storage requirements by reducing the quantity of paper held within your organisation. Additionally, digitalising your mailroom ensures employees continue to receive important documents even whilst on the road, supporting a mobile working environment.

Document scanning and archiving

Organisations spend thousands every year storing files unnecessarily – an electronic process provides greater efficiency and will cut costs significantly as digital archiving effectively eradicates the need for physical storage space. Using system search functionality can then improve the ability to access these documents, rather than having to endlessly search through them.

At Apogee, our high volume document scanning and process services use the latest technologies to provide the highest quality image capture from your documents in a secure and ISO accredited environment.

Hybrid mail

Consolidate mail from across your organisation and route it to high volume print facilities, where it can be printed, sorted and mailed in the most time-and-cost efficient way. Print houses are often off-site, eliminating the need to hold bulky high volume print equipment and paper storage within your on-site mail room.

By moving beyond the constraints of the traditional workplace, waste is eliminated, the work environment improved, and property requirements are reduced.

Embrace a mobile working culture

Today’s businesses are facing increasing demand from employees to work more flexibly. In the last decade, the advancement of technology means that flexible working has become a viable option for many people. Many organisations are now embracing mobile working environments, reducing the overall number of work stations required as a proportion of employees will be out of the office.

For any workforce mobilisation strategy to be effective, however, it must be underpinned by an effective document infrastructure, and the ability to seamlessly work with established business processes. Companies are largely embracing technologies that enable mobile workers to fully participate in the workplace, such as cloud-based email and office applications, allowing all employees to access and use the same tools.

However, it is clear the majority of UK organisations are not currently meeting the printing needs of mobile workers. A simple task of printing from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets should be straightforward, but many businesses have not yet enabled mobile printing, which enables you to print from your device via email, wireless connection or your network.

By adopting a smart approach to print, businesses can significantly reduce the office space they require, as well as achieve a number of other benefits. The four approaches demonstrated are all relatively simple and tangible, yet can be very effective in terms of freeing up valuable office space, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Our Managed Workplace Solutions are designed with our clients in mind, improving security, maximising productivity and increasing automation.
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