Apogee’s Online Portal Another Platform To Help Customers
Apogee’s Online Portal Another Platform To Help Customers
1 March 2018
Apogee uses Live Chat to maximise online engagement with our clients
Apogee’s Live Chat Maximises Online Engagement Opportunities
8 March 2018

Apogee FTE upgrade to Relativity 9.6

Apogee Forensic Technology and eDisclosure (Apogee FTE) supports organisations of all sizes with expert consultancy, technology and eDisclosure services, helping them meet their litigation challenges efficiently and cost-effectively.


Apogee Forensic Technology and eDisclosure (Apogee FTE) supports organisations of all sizes with expert consultancy, technology and eDisclosure services, helping them meet their litigation challenges efficiently and cost-effectively.

Apogee FTE’s continuing commitment to delivering clients the latest eDisclosure technologies is evidenced by its investment into Relativity’s most up to date version.

Some of the key features to this upgrade include:

Active Learning

Active Learning is a technology-assisted review (TAR) application that allows you to create continuously updated queues of documents for review, based on your review strategy. Our Active Learning solution has many advantages. They include real-time intelligence, efficiency, flexibility, and integration with all the power of the Relativity platform.


With litigation and investigations spanning the globe, we continue to add email threading support for multiple languages. In addition to French, German, and Chinese, Analytics now supports Portuguese and Japanese language headers.

Case Metrics (Scheduler)

Designed to help analyse reviewer performance from past cases and in real-time, Case Metrics allows you to report across multiple workspaces, giving you a holistic view of the decisions, throughput, and accuracy of your document review team across matters. With the latest update, you can make sure the right people are kept informed by scheduling reports to send to a list of recipients using the Scheduler.

Email thread visualization

The email thread visualization tool is available for any email threading jobs run as full builds. Upon job completion, the visualization is available from the document viewer when you open a document.

The email thread visualization can be used in the following ways to optimize your efficiency when working with email threads:

  • Quickly see the story of an email conversation – instantly see where the conversation branched and where drafts or attachments occurred as the conversation progressed.
  • Optimise your QC process – use the visualization as part of your QC process. Coding highlight allows you to highlight any Yes/No and single choice field in the email thread visualization pane. In this way, you can see how a whole thread is coded with privilege or responsiveness. Furthermore, where discrepancies exist, you can use the visualization to correct them through mass editing.

Upgrading to Relativity 9.6 is a significant step, the new features alone will help Apogee FTE clients get through their data and have a better understanding of what is contained. Features that have come through from Relativity 9.5 such as email threading visualisation are big leaps forward and help better explain where an email falls into a chain.

One of the biggest improvements is with the dashboard features so that our clients can maintain a close eye on how their review teams are performing in a clear and simple graphical format.

Apogee FTE are working on a six monthly cycle to keep their clients updated with the latest versions of the software. This will allow for fewer disruptions by having less lengthy maintenance windows.

Get in touch with Apogee FTE today to  discover how your organisation can benefit from specialist eDisclosure solutions. Just fill out the contact form below: 


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