Consumables Management Specialist

As the key point of contact working closely with end user customer contacts and internal teams, the Consumables Management Specialist is a subject matter expert who is responsible for the utilisation of all end-to-end customer consumable related supply processes. This includes defined alert to order fulfilment & exceptions processes, as well as troubleshooting exceptions related to consumables management.



• Maximise the use of ARMA to provide proactive consumables and help drive increase utilisation of ARMA across its customers and its install base
• Support Apogee’s key initiatives in reducing the supply of excess consumables to its customers.
• Provide ongoing suggestions of improvements to new and existing consumables management processes

• Provide exceptional Customer Service to advise customers obligation to maintain “Best Practice consumables management”
• validate ad hoc consumables spares/buffer requests
• provide insight data on the adoption of best practices, provision of ARMA analysis, proof of delivery, etc. to reduce excess supplies being shipped
• Management of internal and external first level process escalations, empowered to reject buffer/spares requests and if applicable, raise chargeable quotations for additional consumables requests.
• Undertake decision review and consistent validation of ARMA “Queried Requests” or “On Hold” Requests - checking device entitlements, print volumes, yield performance checks before processing to “Ignored” or “Actioned” where appropriate
• Authorised to approve manually orders via Apogee Client Portal
• Monitoring & reporting of buffer/consignment stock for all defined key accounts.
• Support the collection of surplus supplies and returns processes


Person Specification

• Ability to work with the Customer and Internal Teams to adhere to standard consumable management practices.
• Can act and make decisions with minimal direction. Able to multi-task and adapt quickly to changes
• Able to demonstrate confidence and positivity amidst challenges and rapid changes. Fully committed to the company’s mission and vision

• Ability to propose process enhancements with the customer’s best interests in mind
• Strong comprehension skills, Strong sense of urgency and commitment to problem resolution
• Ability to stick to tight schedules and deadlines

• Microsoft (MS) Excel intermediate skills are required
• Proficiency in other MS Office programs (Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook) is required
• Proficiency in the use of ARMA, CBS, Silo, and Radius system tools.
• Ability to facilitate meetings with teams through the use of Zoom & Teams
• Excellent understanding of Apogee’s supplies processes

• Proficient in the use of various communication methods: email, chat, telephone, or other official communication tools
• Establishes credibility and influence when conveying or presenting information, both written and verbal, to effectively debates position, when necessary
• Ability to teach/train both Customers and Internal Team members
• Strong meeting facilitation skills: commands attention and can change tactics midstream, as necessary

• Works well with diverse teams
• Has a positive attitude that can motivate and reinforce collaboration
• Mature and flexible; able to influence and work with different personalities and cultures
• Analytical skills: ability to understand data and figure out their relevance or impact to the process and operations
• Ability to think “outside-the-box,” when dealing with issues
• Applies logic when analysing problems, escalations, and creating their recommended solutions

• Excellent understanding of and experience with Apogee’s Systems including: ARMA, CBS, Silo, Radius
• Experience with Consumables Management, Asset Management, or Customer Setup, is preferred
• Technology, Industrial Engineering, Business Management, or related courses beneficial

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