Reasons Why Law Firms Should Introduce Document Scanning Solutions

Having effective internal document management is crucial for legal firms. It ensures that security and business processes are at a high standard which will ultimately gain the firm trust from clients and help them maintain a valuable competitive edge.

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Document scanning is an effective solution for legal firms to process documents more effectively and quickly. It enables legal bodies to digitise hard copy documentation into electronic data files, all with a touch of a button. The process of document scanning involves collecting paper documents, preparing them, scanning and indexing them which manually extracts the data. Having the ability to scan documents simplifies the entire document management process and provides a simple, easy way to scan and integrate directly into the case management system (CMS).


Thousands of documents are handled each day in law firms, with the documents falling under a variety of categories depending on the case, the client in question and the format. The complexity attached to managing these multiple documents can therefore be tedious and time consuming for legal bodies to ensure they are transferred to the CMS efficiently and accurately.

Intelligent blank page detection allows the firm to feed in high-volumes of documents into the system without wasting time scanning unnecessary pages and wasting staff time removing the pages. The different document formats will be automatically separated and organised which also improves the overall efficiency of documents handling.   


With document security being of paramount importance to both the legal firm and clients, having a secure document management systems is essential. Manually managing documents can lead to the CMS being disorganised and chaotic. Consequently, documents can be difficult to retrieve or even lost within the system. The firm must be able to account for all activity in the document lifecycle because any mistakes or lack of security can be the deciding factor of a case and customer retention.

Implementing a unified document scanning solution across the entire law firm would ensure that security is at the same high-standard throughout. When scanning documents into the electronic system, each document can be tagged, tracked and have full traceability, making it easy for individuals to see the lifecycle of a certain document. Documents can be searchable and with user authentication, these can be immediately extracted, ensuring that only authorised people handle these sensitive documents.

Document scanning processes are especially effective for law firms because individuals are handling and moving extremely sensitive documents. This process simply ensures that the risk of human error is reduced to a minimum and efficiencies are consistently improving.

Accurate Billing

Document scanning solutions can be integrated with new or existing print management software to ensure all print and document costs are allocated accurately to each case or matter. This ensures all costs throughout the legal firm are accredited for, increasing cost control and recovery of disbursements. If you would like to digitise your firm through optimising scanning processes and create highly efficient, cost effective and auditable workflows, please contact Apogee today on 0345 300 9955.

Our Managed Workplace Solutions are designed with our clients in mind, improving security, maximising productivity and increasing automation.
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