Take a Big Step Towards Understanding and Managing Critical Data in Your Organisation

Our aim is to help organisations of all shapes and sizes identify, review, manage and protect their critical data and processes. Apogee’s Records and Information Governance Consultancy Services provide organisations with the tools and specialist expertise to meet the joint challenges of escalating information volumes and legislation.

Managing your critical data to prevent data breaches through Apogee's Managed Workplace Services

Ultimately, Apogee provide organisations with high level visibility and understanding of the documents and data they are responsible for. By developing your information governance strategy you’ll soon be able to regain control of paper and electronic data files that are currently in your organisation.

We achieve this using three key methodologies:

  • Document scanning and data capture

  • Output and workflow process assessment

  • Data analysis and review

The next step in the process is ‘Information Remediation’ actions of which the following tasks should be considered:

  • Culling of data where appropriate. In many cases data is sorted that is not only a risk to compliance but completely unnecessary and of no value

  • Consolidation and migration of data from unstructured and uncontrolled environments

  • Increased digitisation of paper-driven processes, replacing paper distribution with electronic formats and automating data capture

  • Implementation of records and information retention and destruction policies to minimise future escalation of volumes

  • Mapping of PII data and processes and the implementation and communication of policies to secure and govern this information and assist the rapid response to Subject Access Requests (SARs)

Although we may have heard enough about ‘data’ it is more important than ever to ensure your organisation understands and manages its critical data and processes properly. If you need to regain control of your paper and electronic files, it’s time to talk to Apogee.

We support organisations of all sizes with expert consultancy, technology solutions and eDisclosure services. For a free consultancy please call us on 0345 300 9955 or complete this form.

Our Managed Workplace Solutions are designed with our clients in mind, improving security, maximising productivity and increasing automation.
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