The Cloud is Digitising Multi-Site Organisations

Many construction companies are now leaning towards cloud-based solutions to support their print and document environment – increasing accessibility and flexibility.

Apogee's cloud print solution gives organisations the perfect blend of security and innovation

The cloud allows stakeholders access to data remotely without being tied to a specific physical location. As most construction businesses will often have various sites in different locations, it means having access to documents in real-time instead of relying on traditional means of delivery such as couriers or email, which would take time and impact productivity and compromise security. 

Real-time collaboration

By managing these communications properly, construction companies can have constant access, connect teams and departments together in work groups, creating real-time collaboration. Utilisation of the cloud supports workforces on the construction site to connect with everyone and receive the latest updates quickly. Site managers and supervisors can have the needed permission to do real time changes in the documentation. Designs, drawings, safety plans and other documentation that otherwise would normally be a physical copy can be accessed via any network connected device. This way documents are updated with the latest information and can be spread across the whole construction site to every connected device.

The Apogee Cloud Print is an all-in-one print management service designed to unburden the running of a complex infrastructure. With cloud print preconfigured on devices, they can be plugged in anytime, anywhere and it will work exactly in sync with head office devices and others in the fleet network. With a cloud print, any issues relating to versions can be controlled because the latest document would be accessible and available to distribute immediately to authorised personnel.

Apogee's cloud print solution gives organisations the perfect blend of security and innovation

Preconfigured devices for easy installation

Due to the scale of some construction sites and the various locations, it may be a requirement to have devices in reserve to overcome the upscaling or downscaling of device requirements. The benefit of cloud print is that these devices can be reconfigured before delivery and essentially plugged in on site with immediate use saving time as organisations would not have to go through another contract process.

Ultimately, Apogee Cloud Print is efficient and effective for seamless transfers of information. The streamlined infrastructure increases the speed of sharing information whilst importantly maintaining a high level of data security, which is essential in the construction industry. Additional layers of security that are included are end-to-end server to hardware encryption and policies such as user authentication.

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