Supporting the Education Sector with Outsource Print Services

Following the government imposed school closures, Apogee are tailoring their services to assist those in the Education sector by ensuring key learning materials are delivered to pupils irrespective of their location.


We have been working hard to develop an easy-to-use web based portal, which provides remote access for your staff, to produce ‘home learning packs’. These can include booklets and bound or stapled documents available in colour or mono print. We can also provide packing and distribution directly to your pupil’s homes. We understand the importance of continuing to educate so we’re here to help where we can.

During these times of uncertainty, it is absolutely critical that we support our clients that provide core services within the public sector, so that they are able to fulfil their duties during this pandemic. It is key that educational institutions are able to remain functional, fully or in part, during times of unpredictability.

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has impacted the ability to operate business as usual. Restrictions on the number of people within proximity of one another, coupled with the increase in remote working has hampered once seamless workflow processes.

Here at Apogee, we are leaders in outsource printing. With multiple sites across the UK, we are able to guarantee print and delivery as and when it is required.

To learn more about Apogee’s expertise in outsource services and experience within the education sector, please get in touch today by clicking here or calling 0345 300 9955.

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