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Whilst many organisations have implemented policies for protecting confidential data on PCs and servers, the risk of information leaking from print devices is frequently overlooked.

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Once a construction project is complete or the firm moves location, they often no longer have use for their printer devices. Personal and confidential data held across the industry is extremely valuable, from blueprints to intellectual property and client databases, and the leaking of this information can be detrimental both financially and competitively. Therefore it is essential to ensure all devices on site are removed in a secure and compliant manner.

Managing devices at remote offices

Organisations must proactively embrace managing this challenge by having a document management strategy in place to ensure the data held on devices is secured and inaccessible by unauthorised individuals – especially when devices are in remote locations, away from the main head office. Organisations should consider the security and compliance implications of having devices at remote site offices. That is managing the disposal of the device once a project is completed, or the logistics of moving securely to an alternative location.

Security measures in place

Using encryption, print jobs convert into a complex code, meaning that if intercepted, hackers are unable to retrieve any sensitive information in the document. Likewise, hard drives in printers or multi-functional-devices (MFDs) benefit from encryption as they are used to store print jobs and information relating to the document. However, many organisations unknowingly are storing sensitive information on the MFD Hard Drive Disks (HDD). For organisations managing multi-million pound construction projects with multiple sub-contractors, suppliers and partners, detrimental consequences could result if sensitive information fell into the wrong hands.

In order for organisations to ensure they have the correct security measures in place, Apogee Secure provides a comprehensive process for removing data from end-of-contract and end of life hardware.

Apogee Secure provides a wide range of benefits to improve your organisation's security

What is Apogee Secure?

Apogee Secure provides a comprehensive process for removing data from end-of-contract and end of life hardware. The secure disposal service covers all potential sources of information from devices, giving organisations confidence that their data remains safe and secure, whilst helping with compliance and data protection obligations.

If you would like to know more about Apogee Secure and how you can safeguard your printing devices, please speak to one of Apogee’s experts today. Contacts us here or call us on 0345 300 9955

Our Managed Workplace Solutions are designed with our clients in mind, improving security, maximising productivity and increasing automation.
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