Revolutionise the Way Your Organisation Operates with a Unified Global Print Experience

Managing multiple office locations can be a challenging task for organisations from an IT perspective – especially peripherals such as printers and MFDs. The complexity is increased if those locations are in different countries with currency, tax and language barriers to also consider.

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Whilst some organisations operate within strict IT best practices and asset governance and management, the print environment is often overlooked and managed ‘locally’. The introduction of a unified global print experience can provide a solution to this problem and also deliver many other benefits to help streamline the processes within your organisation.

What is a ‘unified global print experience’?

Essentially, it is one unified user experience across all locations irrespective of the device or geography. For example, a legal firm with offices in the UK, Europe and the US may all be using different models and manufacturers with multiple user experiences across each device. Beyond the print environment, the problem is amplified when taking into account the scanning and security risks associated.

An assessment of the existing fleet, processes and workflows in all these varying locations will help define a solution tailored specifically to your organisation, providing a unified print experience for all users by understanding how they currently work.

One simple software solution, unifying user experience, can then be implemented throughout the organisation – creating consistency, driving efficiency and providing an easily manageable application platform for IT.

This will also allow users and staff to interact more effectively irrelevant of their locations and have set rules that all staff abide to requiring one training platform – again easing the burden on staff and IT. It will also allow users to roam more effectively when travelling between office locations whether in the same or different country to print or process a document in one place and retrieve in another.

Keep your devices secure with Apogee's Managed Print Services

Benefits to your organisation

  • Provide one print queue and one reporting centre for total control of your print and document environment

  • Aligned document processes and workflows to simplify user experience and training for staff and IT

  • Visibility of all client disbursements from all locations, increasing cost control and recovery

  • Accurately track and report on all print and scan activity across the entire organisation

  • Improve control and minimise the burden on IT

Are your office locations unaligned contact Apogee to see how we can align your environment. Get in touch here or call us on 0345 300 9955.

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